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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

to day went to dr´s as usual for my iron infusion and my irn worth to be taken.that is ok thank god.i mentioned to the dr about yesturday at my pilates class that i suddenly had a really bad headache over my left right eye that it stopped me totally dead in my tracks for a few minutes i sweated alot and the pilates teacher said i went really pale.after a few minutes i carried on with the class eventhough the pain was there.it is still there now but has lessened.(for those who know me normally nothing not even pain will stop me in my tracks like that)i voiced my concerned as i was warned by the neurologist to watch out for headaches because of my aneurisma. she reassured it has nothing to do with the aneurysma as that is a totally differant type of headache as i described.she tested my blood pressure as the headache i described sounded like one with high blood pressure which totally surprized me as i am on tablets for my low blood pressure lol.she took it on my left arm which was normal for me then to be on the safe side(she always say´s this as she always says whatever complications that come from anyillness etc and tend to get them lol)she is right there.anyway she took the blood pressure in the right arm which was high especially for me.it was 140/100 as my over number is usual 100 there is a big differance.so now she has perscribed me tablets to lower my blood pressure.has said if i get anymore of theese headaches i am to go straight to the hospital or if i feel sluggish or ill to go back to the dr´s.she is on holiday next week but has wrote something for the other dr´s in the practise incase i have to go to see tham.i asked how long i will have to take the tablets and she said she doesn´t know,but if it doesn´t go down we will have to contact a cardiologist to check me out.i also asked about my exercise classes and she said it is ok and to carry on doing them.so maybe you can see why i am confused.how can one arm blood pressure be normal and the other high.any of you with high blood pressure what advice has your dr given you?how can bloodpressure go suddenly from a low blood pressure needing tablets to a high blood pressure needing tablets?what conditions can be wrong with my heart that i need to see a cardiologist?theese questions came to me afer i left the dr´s i guess i was just shocked at the time that i had a high blood pressure lol.always a first time i guess.anyway any help or light on the situation will be grateful.thanks once again for reading my blog and to those who answer another special thanks.take care and keep smiling. emoticon
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    emoticon Did you go to the doctor yet?????? emoticon emoticon
    2465 days ago
    my advice......go to a cardiologist as soon as you can......and please take care.....
    2466 days ago
    No advise other than get yourself to a cardiologist. When I read your blog and the difference in blood pressure made me think blockage. I am not sure, but a cardiologist would be my next stop.

    Good luck and prayers are with you.
    2466 days ago
    Please do go to the doctor right away and have this checked out. It sounds confusing to me too, so you need to get a professional opinion as to what is wrong my friend. Please take care of yourself and let us know what happens. emoticon Sabrina
    2467 days ago
    I would make sure you see the specialist. They do take my blood pressure on both arms. But mine usually read they same - last time they were 159/104. She said if they were close it was a true indication of what my blood pressure really was. She changed my medications around and it's been much better since.
    2467 days ago
    Darling Karen , please go to the doctor as soon as you can . Could be a clot. Pain is the first indicator that something is wrong xxx much love susie xxx emoticon
    2467 days ago
    That sounds quite strange, but please listen to FITNHEALTHYKAL, make the doctor appointment. Your health is most important here, so don't take the risk. I'm sending prayers your way my friend!
    2467 days ago
    uneven bp is not a "normal" sign. Having both sides checked is very necessary for anyone with cardiovascular concerns.
    Keep the exercise to moderate levels, STOP if the headache starts and make sure you get referred to a specialist. Even if you get there and all is well it won't be a wasted visit because your history will be recorded and your risk factors noted.

    Hope that helps, I don't want to scare you!
    2467 days ago
    Sorry I can't answer your questions but I hope you feel better and can stay active and healthy.
    2467 days ago
    Karen - you need to see the specialist (cardiologist). The difference of blood pressure in your arms can mean you have a blockage or something else, but only they would be able to tell. It's always good to let the experts check you out!

    Good luck, Sweetie!
    2467 days ago
    Sorry that I am not good with advice on this, not sure for the symptoms. But pls, take care. emoticon emoticon
    2467 days ago
    Karen, I am not a doctor. I was, at one time, an EMT although not certified any longer. What was the difference in reading? If it is a variable of a few points, it can and usually is something quite simple and "normal". A difference of 10 or more "points" can signal much more troubling indicators. You MUST make this appt. as recommended Karen. With your health history, this is an absolute imperative my friend. Do not stop or research or ask any of us. Make an appt. immediately and let the experts do what they are trained to do and go from there. PLEASE!!!!!!
    2467 days ago
    Have you tried Googling your questions? I've heard of doctors checking the blood pressure in both arms although I don't know why. Hope things settle down for you. emoticon
    2467 days ago
    I don't blame you for being confused... keep on doing what started (or seemed to start) the problem? huh???

    A specialist is the doctors way of covering her tushy and keeping you safe. Hope it gives you some good answers!
    2467 days ago

    I know you can have different reading in each arm and I'm not sure why. I would question your doctor and see about having it done again and if there is a major difference, maybe see a specialist.

    Take care and hugs.
    2467 days ago
  • THOMS1
    Take care! emoticon emoticon
    2467 days ago
  • SAASHA17
    take care...I have always been on the lower side but sometimes it can fluctuate...i am no doctor..if u want for ur peace of mind u shud consult another doctor and see whats up...dont neglect these...

    take care
    2467 days ago
  • no profile photo EVIE4NOW
    the whole point of going to a specialist is they know more about a specific problem then a general practioner. my dr knows more in his little finger then i do in my whole body but he calls in the specialists when needed .. even he (who i have on a very high pedestal) doesn't know everything or have all the answers. hopefully your cardio will have answers for you.
    2467 days ago
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