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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ok so I know that sometimes our self confidence and self esteem are not always what they should be but mine has been really low for quite a while now. At the beginning of the year I signed up to do the January Jump Start Challenge and did nothing, oh wait I think I did day 1. Then I got an invite to do this 5% Challenge Winter to Spring, I had no idea what this challenge would be like but I absolutely love it. This challenge has helped motivate me to be more active and because of the weekly LTGL challenges I have gotten better at blogging, tracking, being active, stretching and getting my water in almost everyday.

Having a team that is depending on me to do my part really pushed me to do more. Week 5 is coming to an end and tomorrow starts week 6, I haven't lost much weight but am hoping for good numbers tomorrow. Will I lose my 5%? Maybe not but I am healthier than I was when I started and am back on track on the road to losing all of this weight. I am learning how to eat within my range and I was motivated enough to finally buy my Fitbit, which I so do not regret. I have only had it a week and already I can tell the difference. Since the first full day that I put it on I have taken more than 10K steps everyday except yesterday and I was only done by just over 200. I have been pushing myself pretty hard and decided that I could take that little bit of a break it would all even out in the end. The Fitbit makes it so easy to just workout and walk away because it tracks my activity for me, being able to wear it all day long also lets me track how much I move during my work day. Some days are better than others but by seeing how much I am active I am now more active in trying to increase my daily activity while I am at work.

The biggest change I have seen so far though is in my confidence, I am finding that the more I workout and stay active the more confident I get. I know I still have a lot to lose but being more confident has made me workout harder and do more than I thought I was capable of and to see myself in a different way. I don't feel as though I can't wear half my clothes anymore and have actually gone out and bought new stuff recently. Considering that most of the things in my closet are more than 3 years old that is a big deal.

So my advice to anyone that is lacking motivation is to go and find something that will push you to do more than you are doing now. For me it was joining a great Challenge where I was placed on a Team and my efforts affected the whole team. Now that I am going I know it won't take much to keep going because I love the way that I feel right now. You don't have to push yourself to extremes you just have to move a little more each day and focus on all the aspects of the weight loss journey one at a time until you are in control of your new healthy lifestyle.

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