The Hardest Part Of Working Out Is...

Monday, April 08, 2013

GETTING UP AND DOING IT! There are certainly days that I have a loving angel sitting on one shoulder telling me to get up and get it done, that I can do it and how I need to keep pushing through to reach my goal! On the other shoulder is that lil man in the red cape who's saying, "Guurrrl, RELAXXX, enjoy the television show you're watching, you can workout tomorrow, you look fine, don't worry about it." Well, my solution to this little dilemma is my TEN MINUTE RULE! When I've planned to workout and I don't feel like it I GET OFF MY BUTT telling myself that I will do at least TEN MINUTES and if I want to stop after then I will! I have a lot of 10 Minute Solution Fitness DVD's so what I end up doing is at least 20 minutes of one of those DVD's or going for a walk for ten minutes one way and back ten minutes! The next time you don't feel like working out, get up and do TEN MINUTES and you will likely keep it going a little longer! YOU CAN DO IT!!!
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