Saturday, April 13, 2013

Is stress-eating a thing for anyone else? Because it's sure as hell a thing for me.

Say it's four hours before my essay deadline and I'm frantically trying to get a decent piece of work written; I will suddenly find myself excruciatingly hungry. Except - I'm not really hungry. And if I ever stop and really think about it, I can tell that I'm not hungry. But a lot of the time, I don't stop and think, and I eat instead - generally something like chocolate, or chips, something that I don't have to spend time making and that I can eat whilst I work.

I've been working on it.

Last night, I had a little lapse. My exam timetable came through, and it turns out the from 3rd June to 6th June - a period of four days - I have five, three-hour exams. That means, my friends, that I will have to write 20 essays in four consecutive days.

As you can imagine, the thought freaked me out a little bit, and even though I said to myself "you're going to get stressed and you're going to think you're hungry, but you're not going to be", I did give in and eat.

Admittedly it was a handful of peanuts and some rice crackers, so there's a positive in that it wasn't a bar of chocolate as big as my head, but the fact remains that I ate when I wasn't hungry. I'm kind of irritated at myself, but I'll learn from this and move on.

And at least, an hour later, when I felt the urge to do it again - I worked out instead. So there was a positive to the evening. Any tips on how to really avoid this kind of thing next time?

Yesterday's goals:
--> work out for at least ten minutes emoticon
--> get through my pole abs conditioning routine emoticon
--> measure and weigh out my food emoticon
--> track my food emoticon
--> track my exercise on fitocracy emoticon
--> no snacking in the evening

Today's goals:
--> measure and weigh out my food
--> track my food
--> avoid the vending machine while studying
--> work out for at least ten minutes
--> make a healthy choice when I eat out tonight (and no dessert!)
--> avoid drinks at the pub
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    Great job on meeting all of your other goals for yesterday!

    I've never really had a problem with stress eating. Sometimes, once I start snacking though, I find it hard to stop.
    2668 days ago
    Sugar free popsicles (they are sweet and numb my mouth!)
    Baby carrots (crunchy and bite-sized, easy to pop in like chips!)
    I also will have a cup of soothing tea -- my current favorite is chai but it changes often!

    I also give myself a pep talk ("You are not hungry -- you ate a good lunch and dinner is in 3 hours.)

    This is tough but you CAN train yourself to usually avoid stress eating. Remember, you are either training yourself to resist, or training yourself to give in!
    2668 days ago
    I have the same problem. It is a habit that I am trying to break, but my brain seems intent on tricking me into thinking it needs to eat. : ( One thing I have found that helps a little is to drink a really hot cup of tea. For some reason, my brain settles down a bit. I think that it thinks I had soup or something. Who is tricky now brain - ha. Hopefully this helps...
    2669 days ago
    yes, I get this a lot.
    easy to give advice for someone else! but this is what I try to do:

    1. un-stress. just enjoy life 5 minutes at a time.
    2. think of one job to get done, try to enjoy doing it and cancel out all other thoughts of any other jobs.
    3. get into a 'normal' energy level, a regular eating cycle, without snacking or junk.
    4. if 'hungry', start with water. and get up and move around, that's when I feel if it's really hunger or just frustration appetite. remember: hunger is in the stomach, appetite is in the head!

    good luck
    2669 days ago
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