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Monday, April 15, 2013

Hated that I was having such a good day only to come home to watch the news out of Boston.
But, I was having a good day.
I did something today that I havent done in 3 months...I tracked spark fitness points for WALKINGGGG!!!! did read it right!
I walked a full twenty minutes and I loved it...I was soooo happy to be back on MY track.
The track was a little on the slick side, and with the new shoes, the ones in my pic...I had to be a little more sure footed.
Maybe was extra cautious, since the last time I was there it was the day I broke my foot.
It is a little tender tonight, a little achy, but no real pain.
And I am not going to walk again before possibly Thursday and then only another 20 minutes.
But it sure did feel good while it lasted.
I dont want to over do it and I am going to follow doctors orders and go easy...
It felt good to see that view and put my earbuds in and walk...
Cannot wait til the day comes when this is no longer a big deal and walking is routine once again.
Aside from that, I went riding thru the park with my friend Amy and then she and I had a great lunch at Subway...double chicken chopped salad and a parfait.
Then I went back to her house and got 20 minutes of tanning.
I am quite the brown biscuit these days!!!!
I kept under my calories today, got my water in and still have some left over for my honey yogurt, orange and a cup of milk tonight.
I am making progress and I can really feel it for the first time in awhile.
I am letting the stress of my friend and other situations go.
It is time to focus on me, my health and my happiness.
And one other little side thing...I ordered a new pair of compression shorts for walking, since my two old pairs are now too loose and dont give me the hold I need....2 sizes smaller than the old ones!!!
Now, Hillbilly Days, our local heritage festival which raises money for the Shriners Childrens Hospitals, is coming up this week and I hadnt planned to go, due to the foot, but I am going to go and buy myself a new purse...and some tanning bed lotion...cause I want it and I feel like that will be a good treat for sticking to my calories all week and getting my workouts in and just because Im a girly girl and I like purty pocketbooks!!!
Prayers for Boston and the USA and for all my spark friends who read and comment and wishing everyone great weather and great health. sorry the pic isnt so good of me, but i was so jubliant to be on the walking track, i didnt have time to fix my hair and makeup!!!!

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