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advice from real worker outers needed....

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I got a little ticked off at a FB friend today after posting that I had done my squats using 10lb dumbbell in each, I am trying to include arm and upper arm workouts as well as some cardio and some strength training.
She suggested that for a woman I should only be using 3 to 5 lb weights, unless I want to bulk up big enough to move a refridgerator..
For one, maybe I do...and for two, this woman is all of five foot tall and maybe 120 lbs at best...
She might be right, I might be adding too much weight, Personally I dont think I am.
I need to increase muscle, calorie burn, whatever, I just need to get some exercise and do it in my own way.
If she had to comment, why not just say, thats good or way to go or whoopee or something...why try to correct someone and make me adhere to her style of workout????
What do you all think SP friends...?
Am I adding too much weight???
Should I stick to small dumbbells and not add more weight????
Believe me, I would have to work out at a much higher rate and much more intense to ever bulk up as she said...
I have a long long way to go to even have definetion in my muscles...
I guess I am just really ticked off cause I have all these other issues going on and for me to workout at all was fantastic, I was feeling so high and endorphins running wild and then kabam
someone stomped all over it and made me feel stupid like I am too dumb to know how hard and how far to push myself.
Other than this, I have had a good day.
I got up early, enjoyed my coffee while listening to the rain and trying to work on these tough decisons...
I took a good shower and the Vaseline cocoa radiant body spray moisturizer makes me smell so good and feel so silky soft.
Nah, I am along way from bulking up.
Thanks for reading my rant.
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    I notice you're going to get the New Rules of Lifting for Women. I also recommend you find a copy of Bill Philips Body for Life. Your local library should have it. I've even found copies for a dollar at my local Goodwill. Amazon sellers have it for cheap too. It's a good book that will teach you the basics of strength training. It was one of the first books I read on the subject.

    Don't be afraid to try heavier weights. You're going to have to do some experimenting to see what weights fatigue you for certain exercises. When I work with a female client who's never lifted, we start with 5s, 8s, 10s, 15s and even a 20 pound. Different body part being used, different weight needed.

    2752 days ago
    You know your body better than anyone.

    Go for it
    2752 days ago
    Don't you just love unsolicited advice? haha :) Hang in there!! Glad we have a personal trainer commenting, and I was really interested to read that wrap-up, too, so thanks also, Archi!
    2753 days ago
    HDHAWK is correct. Working with heavier weight will not make you She- hulk. Just need to warm -up really well since this is not a weight you usually lift. You lack testosterone ,so you cannot look like a man,baby.( Austin Powers referance,sorry) Building up muscle burns fat,which you already know since you are using them. Tell your FB friend to educate themselve a little better,you got this. Hello by the way.Rude of me. Iceing afterwards goes a long way towards muscle soreness relief.
    2753 days ago
    That's the complete and total opposite of the information she should have given you. Women can't bulk up like men because we don't have enough testosterone. Lifting weights is the only way to truly change how your body looks. Cardio alone isn't enough. Do what is right for you!
    2753 days ago
  • JBAILEY1122
    Totally ignore that person and enjoy your well-earned endorphins!
    2753 days ago
    Hi, Val ! I'm a personal trainer and group exercise instructor. So, I can speak with a certain amount of authority on this matter. ;)

    Your friend is misguided.

    There is a misconception that women need to use light weights to "tone" up. Women do not pack on muscle the same way men do. We don't have the necessary testosterone to get bulky. Unless a woman has an injury of some kind, there is absolutely no reason she can't lift a heavy weight.

    What many women don't know is that some muscles are stronger than others. Five pounds might be the right amount to do something like a shoulder press, BUT it's not enough to do a row or a chest press. A person should be using a variety of weights to challenge the different muscles of their body.

    I've been strength training for a while now. This is what I can lift. I can do a chest press with two 45 pound dumb bells. that's 90 pounds total. I can bench a 110 pound bar without a spotter. I can do a single arm row with 45 pounds, occasionally 50. I can squat with over 100. I can deadlift over 100.

    Is this typical ? No there are women who can lift more than me ! LOL ! the point ? Women are stronger than they think. a woman should never be afraid to lift a heavy weight for fear they will get bulky. Unless they have a higher than normal level of testosterone, they won't.

    Tell your friend that you will not turn into a body builder if you use 10-15 or even 20+ weights. What you'll get are SCULPTED muscles !!

    Here's something you can tell your friend to prove how strong she really is. Get her to weigh her hand bag. Her hand bag or gym bag probably weighs a good 10-15 pounds. If she can lug her bag around all day, she can lift significantly more than 1-3 pound weights. I only have my clients use those kinds of weights IF they have an injury.

    Most times, I encourage my clients to lift heavy. I prove to them they really are stronger than they think.

    Hope that wasn't too long winded !


    2753 days ago
    All of the posts so far are correct! Unless you're taking steroids, I don't think women are built to bulk up. I've been thinking I need to up my weights. Good for you, she's full of it.
    2753 days ago
    First of all --- you are amazing, and you did a great workout! You should be proud of yourself!

    Secondly --- she obviously hasn't been keeping up with science versus myth - you don't have the testosterone to bulk up like a man, no matter how heavy you lift! You might want to refer her to the New Lifting Rules for Women.

    Thirdly --- you need to keep increasing the weights to continue building muscle and strengthening your ligaments and bones. You are doing exactly the right thing to not only be stronger, but healthier over the long haul.

    Finally --- there is nothing more beautiful and feminine than a woman who is strong and confident! There are tons of SparkPages of women who do some seriously heavy lifting, and they are looking and feeling fabulous.

    emoticon emoticon
    2753 days ago
  • 8MORE2GO1
    She is wrong you are not going to bulk up using those weights. That is a myth.
    2753 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4199227
    You are right and she is wrong - but let it go.

    You have probably gotten way beyond 3 - 5 pounds on squats.

    When your legsa are strong and firm - she will still have jello thighs!

    2753 days ago
    Look int he resource material on the site, but I am sure I have read that thinking that about weight is a fallacy.
    2753 days ago
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