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Day 507: She's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

First off, I admit it, the whole "blog every day" thing has been well and truly knocked into a cocked hat. It was not from lack of good intention (and you know I must've paved miles of that infamous road with my good intentions).

We've been on 'oliday, as the Brits would have it, for most of April. I hesitate to call it a vacation, since to me a vacation is a true rest. Unpacking each evening and repacking each morning isn't really much of a vacation for me (okay, the secret's out, Himself is an old-fashioned husband in some respects - and I am enough of a Martha Stewart to shudder at the thought of his packing a suitcase anyhow, so I just get on and do).

I tend to keep this kind of thing under my hat anymore until after the fact, because (sigh) you never know who's reading what, and with 'net (in)security being what it is, I figure the last thing I need to do is announce when we'll be away.

I had still planned to blog something each day, and in anticipation of that, I had loaded pictures and such into ...well, into a cloud. Somewhere. Beats me what this tech-y stuff is. I did what I was supposed to do, and I can SEE the pictures in a gallery there, but could I access them? Hah. So between my lack of quickie-pix and the often iffy internet connections, I early on gave up daily blogs. Which is okay. Gave me more time to re-pack each morning. (You can laff now.)

When I turned 60 last fall, the plan was to take a cruise - that fell through by March of last year. Then the plan became to take a cruise this year (are you spotting a theme here?) - which may or may not yet happen. (My whole cruise-fixation is focused on unpacking once... repacking once, plus having someone else bring the destinations to me. Some call it laziness. I call it a vacation.)

With one thing and another (a beneficent gift, airfare discounts, an affinity for Civil War history, et al.) the time seemed right, so us mice made our plans.

This trip was all about Dixie: we flew in and out of Atlanta (which neither of us had ever been to before) and rented a car. Over the ensuing weeks we drove 3000+ miles (well, HE drove - driving has pretty much gone by the wayside for me), visiting scads of big cities and tiny crossroads and famous landmarks and nearly-unknown locations across six (seven? a bunch of) states.

In short, we had a ball.

I've had enough time to recover from jetlag - pretty much - and start catching up the laundry (!). The next task is to sort through the pictures. Himself said that, between us, we have something like 4000. Surely he exaggerates.

Point being, it will take me a little time to go through them and pick a few out as representative samples (you didn't think I was going to subject you to all of them, did you? haha - there's more than one of some sidewalks... a door jamb... my foot... his foot... blurred sky... you see why they need editing), then tell you about some of the places we went.

Meanwhile, May is reboot month at the Coff household. I was fairly good - FAIR-ly good - about toeing the line insofar as diet is concerned, but not as good as I should've (could've) been. Well, as Mehitabel used to say, wotthehell, wotthehell. It was a vacation - of sorts - after all. The clothes still fit, so weight gain isn't really an issue, but blood sugar (me) and cholesterol (him) surely would reflect some lousy results. A couple months of stringent control will see them right, I have no doubt.

So: reboot month, upcoming travelogues, and - spring has sprung. Have I left anything out?

Have a good'un, Sparklers - carpe diem!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Sounds like a fantastic trip! Look forward to hearing more about the trip, retrospectively.
    2451 days ago
    Welcome back, sounds absolutely terrific!
    2462 days ago
  • PROT358
    It sounds like quite an amazing trip! It sounds like that trip centered you. I'd love for you to post a few pictures if you have the time. It's great to have you back!
    2462 days ago
  • LE7_1234
    Glad you were away for such a good reason. Glad to have you back!

    2463 days ago
    envious! even of the dirty laundry and nightly suitcase packing.... Wonderful to be away - and also always wonderful to come home with the memories..
    2463 days ago
  • POPSY190
    Good to have you back with us. The trip sounds marvellous - but I do know what you mean about the downside of living out of suitcases.
    2463 days ago
    So glad to see you back and a blog to go with it. Will look forward to tales of your travels and pic to go with it. Sounds like you must have really enjoyed your trip !!!!
    2463 days ago
    emoticon Welcome Back!! I am so excited to see and hear all about your adventures!! I have missed your Blogs, but TOTALLY understand why you were Quiet!!
    2463 days ago
    Reboot quickly so we can see your pictures and learn more about your travels. It's good to have you back.

    And don't abandon the cruise idea! Even though you and I are not at all the kind of people who cruise, you and I are the kind of people who love cruises.
    2463 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    Were you worried that you would gain weight on a vacation?????????

    Did nobody tell you? Any food that :
    Is eaten on vacation has no calories
    Is eaten by the light of your refrigerator has no calories
    Is washed down by diet pop has no calories
    ANYBODY ELSE prepared has no calories'
    Is eaten with chopsticks has no calories
    requires no cooking has no calories
    you cannot pronounce has no calories
    your family forces on you has no calories
    you eat on vacation

    2463 days ago
    Welcome back! I am so glad to hear you've had a long and interesting holiday and are not still somewhere on the Atlanta tarmac waiting for take-off. Can't wait to hear more details as you retrieve and edit from the cloud. Hmm...I wonder if this is the same cloud where one of my bosses insists on storing private client information because it is more internet (cough)secure. And where is this cloud anyway? Does it ever rain there and corrupt your files? And just how many "conflicted copies" can be born by syncing with the cloud from oh-too-many technological gadgets (toys). I digress.

    My point was...glad to have you back. Even glad you didn't cruise. Odds are not ever in your favor for cruises right now.

    Happy laundering!
    2463 days ago
    Sounds like a greta time overall. Good to have you back
    2463 days ago
    Welcome back. Glad you had a lovely holiday filled with visiting new and interesting places. Looking forward to seeing the pictures and hearing more details, but know you now need to rest up and recuperate from your "vacation" and get back into your regular routines, which doesn't happen instantly.
    2463 days ago
    Glad you had a blast. Missed your daily witticisms! Have you got all the clothes washed, or you are so tired of them you are throwing them away? I get that way after a long trip....
    2463 days ago
  • DEBRA0818
    Welcome back to your home and the beautiful month of May!

    emoticon Home!
    2463 days ago
    Good to see you... and Happy May day!
    2463 days ago
    Woohoo...glad to have you back
    2463 days ago
    Glad you are back safe and sound---looking forward to those travel blogs
    2463 days ago
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