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Into Hot Water here!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

You might say, "I've got myself into hot water!"
Not too often I feel defeated --but this morning I am-----
We rent a hot water heater---I asked the company --(whose name begins with an R--then an "E"---then an "L"---then an "i"----then an "A"----and more letters)---to downsize the tank , from a 60 gal to a 40 gal-----They came yesterday, after 3 weeks of me calling---The tank was put in----then they left----- We did not have hot water even up to bedtime---I called them to let them know there might be a problem----Out they came--found the top element was not working---They left----because it was 5pm----and because they did not have a replacement element---
We still do not have hot water---
Talking to this company, I suggested they remove this tank and we will buy our own--
They told me very quickly, I will have to pay a ""penalty Fee" of $850-----because they said I had agreed to a 7 yr contract --VERBALLY--with them--over the telephone, 2 yrs ago-I have no recollection of this----
Who would EVER in their right mind, agree to a 7 yr contract---?????
They say they have this on tape and are trying to find it---
I am looking longingly at a hot water tank at Canadian Tire here--$250--
That would mean I could take a bath to-day--
Does a VERBAL CONTRACT hold up in any court?
Do I have the energy to fight this?
Lordy Be----
Life can be tough sometimes Sparkly People----
But--We can't let the Hot Water companies get us down----I guess!
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  • EDWARDS1411
    My DH is thinking you have an electric water heater? He works for Direct Energy here in TO and he's familiar with the contractor you deal with. He says unfortunately that a verbal contract does hold up in court, but he doubts very much they have the proof of such an agreement. He suggests you contact your local utility and ask them for direction.

    There are big issues here in TO with these new companies that are going door to door selling/renting water heaters, but they are not exactly honest about everything and some people are getting tied into 15 year contracts - which of course is ridiculous. The Ontario Government has received over 3000 complaints and are looking into making changes to protect the consumer more. I wonder if your local MPP would be of help??

    Check out this government site as it has some information that may be helpful:


    Good Luck!!!
    2408 days ago
  • GABY1948
    I'm not sure, but I would think you could get out of it if you don't remember doing it...but this would take talking to a supervisor. I have found that ALMOST anything can be done if you go HIGH enough!

    Keep us posted!
    2408 days ago
    Wow - you go get em, that is awful service. Wishing you the best, and wishing you hot water soon!!
    2408 days ago
    I have never heard of someone renting a hot water heater. Do you have to pay a monthy fee in addition to your electric? And wouldn't you have to have a contract for the rental other than a verbal agreement over the phone? I don't see how anything verbal over the phone would stand up in court. If that were true, then anyone could say that one agreed to all sorts of things. I think it is more intimidation on their part than anything and I would be greatly surprised if they actually did "find that tape" after so long. I am pretty sure you can win this one!!


    2408 days ago
    I am not an expert on the laws in Canada (or here for that matter!) but good grief. Even IF they have a "tape" of you verbally agreein to a 7 yr. contract, it wouln't hold up in court here! It is their word against yours. No proof. I HOPE you have good luck getting this one fixed or tellingthat rental company buh bye! Adios! Auf Wiedrsehn!

    HUGS and a Happy Early Moter's Day to you, sweetie. Hang in there.
    2408 days ago
    Jean..First let me say Hello. I have been reading your blogs and I love them..Love those GERMANS too..so precious!!!

    In Arkansas, We would call that HOG WASH..OR Bullsh*t..

    I will say I do not know Canadian Law..but here it does not hold up..also, if you have to pay 850.00 that would buy several water heaters..perhaps even enough to last your entire life. In the States we have laws that do not allow companies to collect more than (fair compensation). Also, here we would pay 250.00 to 300.00 us dollars I am thinking for that size..so I am thinking you are being taken advantage of...

    To me it sounds that they are trying to intimidate you and get you to back down. I doubt seriously if they have a verbal agreement from that far back. IF they do, it almost sounds like they have done this to a lot of people... Myself, I would have a great big article in your local papers letting people know just how this company operates. Do you have any Better Business Bureau's or an Angie's List to report this activity so that others can learn from your experience..

    Please let us know how things are going..I really think they would have a very hard time collecting 850.00.

    Don't fall for these tactics.... Laney emoticon
    2408 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/11/2013 8:11:06 AM
    2408 days ago
  • ANNIE924
    Hope this works out in your favor. I can't believe they would bring a hot water heater that had not been tested. What kind of customer service is that?

    2408 days ago
    emoticon Know nothing of Canadian legal / contract law but in the US I doubt something "verbal" over the phone would hold up. I have on occasion had to argue my way out of the fine print to get out of continuing to pay for a service online I'd quit using.

    But however it turns out... I'm hoping you GET some hot water! Soon. Let's see... what did our ancestors do? We are Pioneer Women! We can deal. It's short term! We can get through this, and hopefully find the sunshine on other other side.

    Love ya, Lynda! And that duck you write about that the Lord loves, too. (Now, did THAT make you smile?) emoticon
    2408 days ago
  • no profile photo JAVAJENN
    Got any large pans to start boiling water in? emoticon

    Geez, the person that runs that company must be desperate for your business. I've never heard of a legally binding verbal agreement.

    I doubt they have a tape recording of it either. Who does that?

    Honestly, maybe having your husband or one of your sons talk to them would help. For some reason, a man seems to get more respect than a woman in situations like this. I don't know why either and it ticks me off, but I have found it to be true so often in my life.

    One thing I know for sure is this, it's not something that, you will NOT let, ruin your Mother's Day Weekend emoticon
    2408 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/11/2013 9:56:39 AM
    emoticon Good grief, that's a pickle! In this case, I understand that you'd really like to get INTO some hot water, and this situation has made you feel defeated....the company sounds like they might be inventing a bit of a problem. I hope it works out today... immediately...to your advantage.

    Hang in there, Lynda, don't let the turkeys get you down! emoticon
    :) Gail
    2408 days ago
    I'm so sorry! I'd be pulling out my hair!
    2408 days ago
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