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Lord Love A Duck!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I have a confession to make--
I have 5 grown children--with families---wives-----Grandchil
All of them are pretty laid back-------'cept ---Son#3, the Policeman--
He is a great guy----happy-----most of the time-----but------we come to blows--him and me--mostly over a lack of communication-----on my part----

I have to admit that I am a wee bit scared of his temper------Oh--I forgot to mention ""the temper""-----
You see , he has had a temper since the moment of birth-----
When he was a baby , he could cry continuously for 5 hrs---maybe 8 hours----until he got his way! We used to call him, "'the mouth""---
This temper still erupts when he doesn't get his way---

I am a Grandmother who had 5 children------raised 5 babies-----
That sounds good------but (Isn't there always that big "BUTT"?)
Because I was such a devoted Mother ---being a graduate nurse from a Children's hospital----believing that no-one could take care of my kids but me-----
Well, because of all that-------I DON"T LIKE TO BABYSIT My GRANDKIDS!--I love them to pieces tho!
If they appear with their parents, it is fine with me------but---at this stage of my life--I really would prefer to go for a "run"-----plant my garden---Spark online----but---please don't drop off the Grandkids without the parent-----at least right now----maybe when they are 10 yrs----older is good!
So, there is the problem------poor son#3 does not understand this !--
And I am ashamed to say it the way it is------'cept to you Sparklers!
Lord Love A Duck! It's tough to be old --sometimes!
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  • GABY1948
    Lynda, I totally understand...you do better than I around kids...today's kids are just a different ball game. Sweetheart, not one of us is PERFECT and you SEEM 99.9% perfect to me so this is just your .1% of imperfection. I have one son that is just like you describe #3 son to be....doesn't everyone have one like that?

    Have a GREAT weekend...and kiss those Germans...they aren't human! emoticon
    2396 days ago
    Let me start by saying I LOVE my GK's (have 3). I've been babysitting for almost 6 years now. Basically raised the almost 6 yr old. The older 2 (12 and 15) are getting to an age where they have a mind of their own and make you aware of it. I let them know I am still in-charge of them when I am taking care of them.

    I've started wanting to have a life of my own, to travel when I want and not just when they are on vacation. At 66 and DH 74 you never know how much time you have left to do these things. The off-spring doesn't realize just how much you have given up in your retirement to raise their kids. To hear DD say recently they want to travel when they retire and don't realize that we aren't able to realize our desires. The GK's have never had a babysitter outside of us.

    I applaud those grandparents who stated early on "we raised ours, you raise yours".

    2397 days ago
    Oh boy. My Mom felt the same way when we had kids! I can't say I blame her at all! So, don't feel badly! That's really your DS's issue to resolve (or not!) You have all those Sunday Family get togethers and that's the best way to enjoy the grandchildren.

    HUGS my dear. You're a great Mom and great Grandma too.
    2397 days ago
    This does NOT make you awful at all. Get real...you did your part and now its your turn! You love em, you want to see and visit with them....you just don't want to parent to little ones again!

    My Mom waited for what seemed like a milliionyears to have grandkids....now she has 10...all real close in age. She always said "I'll take em for a while when you want a night out or need a little help" but made it clear she did not want to take care of them 40 hrs a week while any of us worked or whatever. That was our responsibility to manage. She didn't. Me and my 4 siblings got it and only reluctantly asked her to babysit when need be. She deserved to be her own person and she deserved it. After 5 of us its a miracle shes not Loony! lol

    Here's the kicker too. All my kids loved to visit with her and my Dad. Still do and love how they can still relate to the next younger generation. They always were fun....took em for long walks in the woods near their house or digging in pond muck for tadpoles or putting out the sprinkler and they loved it and them to pieces for it. Sometimes joined us for sledding runs...how great is that!

    So thanks for sharing and realize when Your happy the kids (even your grumpy son!) will be happy too! Not woman is the same or is fulfilled by only one thing!

    2397 days ago
    Just a comment on Onekidsmom's comment about our mom raising 5 kids of her own, she still had kids at home (namely me and my sister 2 yrs older) at home when the first grandchild was born. And in spite of her statement "I raised my 5 kids, I'm not going to raise my grandkids" she was there to pinch-hit when necessary. I remember having my eldest nieces occasionally when my eldest sister's daycare provider was unable to take them that day.

    On a side note, I babysat my granddaughter yesterday. I had a fun day, but I sure wouldn't want to do it full-time, especially since the kids live with us.
    2397 days ago
    My mom and dad used to insist on taking my oldest daughter to their house every Saturday when she was born. It was their day with her, my day to destress, and being the only grandchild at the time I really didn't see myself denying them that, especially since my mother had terminal cancer. This lasted 3 years, and my youngest daughter was just 6 months old when we lost mom.

    When my mother passed away, it was too painful for my dad to continue doing it, so instead he came to our house every now and again for visits. When he remarried, those visits stopped. He babysits my brother's kids now and again, used to help out my sister now and again too once they had kids. But he and my stepmom travel alot, and my stepsiblings seem to do the "drop off with Grandma and we'll pick them up sometime later" bit. So they just don't stay home LOL

    It's not a terrible thing to feel the way you do. It just is what it is.
    2397 days ago
  • EDWARDS1411
    2397 days ago
    I am just waiting for one grandchild. Oldest daughter is 29 and has been married for almost three years but she says it is not in the near future. Younger daughter just graduated from grad school and is not in a serious relationship. And my youngest, my son who is 22 has been with his girlfriend for just about a month so that has a long way to go.


    2397 days ago
    My mum is the same way and I understand. I really get it. If she was not that way, I have a brother and SIL who would always dump the grand kids on her. You deserve a chance to start living your life for YOU! I am not a grandma yet but I hate watching other people's kids. I also don't like dumping my kids on other people. If they get invited for sleepovers at an aunty's place, that's fine with me. But I just don't feel comfortable asking someone else to watch my kids.

    2397 days ago
    emoticon You are NOT the Only Grandma I know who has that rule. And, for what it is worth, I think it is a Good Rule!! In spite of the fact that My Own Grandmother did Babysit my Kids often, I would NEVER have dreamed of dropping them off like I have seen some Parents do. It is the Grandparents Job to Love them and Spoil them -- Not to be Unpaid "Volunteer" Babysitters!
    emoticon Stick to your Guns, and enjoy your Gardening, Sparking, and Running!! You have earned some time off from Child Care!
    2397 days ago
    Hang in there, "Duckie"! My mom announced at the birth of the first grandbaby that she would NOT baby sit for her grandchildren. She'd just finished raising five of her own!

    For me it was never a question... I lived 1200 miles away when my son was small... but for the other four siblings who lived in town, it was good to have that understanding, lest she get pulled into a full time job!

    So, dig up your resolve, and Spark a great day ANYWAY!
    2397 days ago
  • CAT609
    Here is a free hug for you, too! emoticon emoticon (from Indie) She sends her hugs, too! Storms kept me awake last night. It is going to be a long day! Hope you have a great day!
    2397 days ago
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