Ziplining was awsome and life changing

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Wow I want to thank my spark friends you were with me yesterday!!
I did something that with out the support of family, , co workers and my spark friends I would have not been able to do.
A group of 6 of us from work went to an adventure and zip lining place at and If you told me 2 years I was going to be doing it I would have not beleaved you.
It was physical and mentaly exhusting but amazing. I pushed my body to do things that I never would have done. I conqured a whole bunch of fears. Heights, crawling in small spaces, I was suspended over things, walking on tight ropes, wires, logs, climbing over mesh suspended over a gorge.
I went first On the first trail we chose. I got to the swinging logs that I found very very hard was shaky, questioning my self starting to doubt my self. I talked my self through in my head. I was thinking all sorts of things wanted to quit already and we just started. I thought it was because I used to be out of shape. After I went through and my co workers coming behind me They were saying out loud what I was thinking. I releazed I am noral and the thoughts I had were normal. One of our team got rescued from that part it was to much for her. I was blown away that I did it.
Each opstical had its challenges when I would stand in front of one if I was having doubts I would think of some of the encourging words said on here or by my family and everyone else that has cheered me on at this point in my journey. I would get though it thank at person in my head and do the next one.
The zip lining parts were fun. The hardest part was jumping off the platforms. I would remind my self that the harness system was very safe and it would be amazing. I would tarzzan sing as I would be crossing the different zip lines. I felt like george of the jungle when I would slam into the paded trees. It would fire me back a bit on the line and I would have to hand over hand pull my self back to the tree. Saying that I now am small enough and strong enough to hand over hand pull my self on a rope.
This changed my life even more. I am a big beleaver in you can do what ever you set your mind to. But your realy can do what ever you set your mind to. Every time my brain would tell me it was not safe. I would tell it to stop and it is and I did it.
Thank you to my spark friends who were in my head and supporting me. It was life changing and amazing!!!
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