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Monday, June 24, 2013

It's funny how real life can interfere with one's goals. I had family visit for Memorial Day weekend, and I haven't been here more than half a dozen times since. I knew I'd be crazy skewed that weekend (you're gonna kill me, I'll explain shortly!) but not logging my foods for a few days really threw me off. I'll bet that's how a lot of people wander away. (If any SparkCoach types read this, gathering those people back would probably help a lot with subscriber retention!)

A little background: When I first joined I weighed more than 200 pounds. I'm not sure by how much, I stopped stepping on the scale when I hit 203 and may well have been much heavier. My goal was to reach 150 pounds. At 5'6" this wasn't too bad and was the lowest weight I could conceive of honestly achieving. Yeah, it'd be great to be closer to 130, but at my age I can recognize a pipe dream when I see one, especially when starting at >>200. Even 150 didn't seem realistic to me, but enter it into the calculator I did. Within six months I was down to 170 lb which was AWESOME! I will forever be grateful to SparkPeople and all my SparkFriends for that! Several months later I had lost 10 more. And there I sat. And sat. And sat. It wasn't really a plateau, it's more that my desire to be healthy and gorgeous balanced with my willpower at 160 pounds. And I'm mostly OK with that given where I've been. And it wouldn't be horrific to stay there, considering.

Back to Memorial Day weekend: Ever since my son won a huge prize at Chocolate Fest in the chocolate eating contest some years ago he's insisted on attending and participating every year. My Dad was visiting and is getting on in age, so recently I've been trying to get him to check off as many bucket list type items as possible. So I challenged him: I'll bet I can eat more chocolate in the contest than you! The good news is that we tied! The very predictable bad news, given my attitude and the difficulty of logging all the restaurant meals and mini Crunch bars I'd eaten, was that I couldn't be troubled to do all the math to enter an accurate nutrition entry that weekend. (Yes, I'm the type that if I can't do it right, I won't do it.) And here I am. And I think I've made a new goal.

New goal: Try to hit a BMI of 25, which is the very top edge of normal, and stay within 5 lbs of that. If I somehow manage to get lower, fantastic! If I get 5 lb high, time to start being strict. I've optimistically decided that my 160 lb clothes are my new "Fat Clothes". My 5 lb fewer clothes (if I ever get there and buy them) will be my new "Skinny Clothes". Hopefully I'll actually get to buy my skinny clothes some day. This is where I am. I hope that this will work!

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