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Sunday, June 30, 2013

I believe I started on SP over 5 years ago. I must admit it has been quite an experience. However, all along while not losing as quickly as most, I kept my eye on the goal.

During this time I had gallbladder surgery. (lost fast for awhile as fats sent food flying through me). The following year came a double by-pass. This was an eye opener as when I read my report I actually saw the words OBESE. Wow bad enough to have to recover from that, but that word really stuck in my craw.

I had had heart surgery before (valve replacement) but was thin at that time. This time I took it seriously and decided I would have to get to my goal.
Still I knew I wasn't eating properly. I am lucky not to be a diabetic as it runs in my family. However insulin resistance was rearing it's ugly head.

Finally I reached the goal I had set about 6 months ago. And low and behold this ole gal had a massive heart attack. My arteries used for the double by pass blew out in March 2013. Yes it was 3 months ago. I am fine PTL. However, I found out I had also become one inch shorter than I was when all this started. emoticon

Enter the new Spark book; the Spark Solution. Buying it offered me free time on Spark Coach. I had always logged in to track my food. Not a problem. however, not so good with the exercise. After Cardiac rehab I got back into the habit and the Spark Coach and Spark Solution is keeping me there.

Did I lose the 5 lbs in two weeks. Nope! But I am losing, ounce by ounce. Remember I've been doing this awhile. The Spark Coach is now offering me some Plateau coaching (within my free time from buying the book) I am in a challenge right now. After that I plan to take advantage of that opportunity.

I will meet my new goal. I did not enter it as I am proud that I am below my original one and have stayed below that goal. It is a psychological trick I use for me. I need to shed a little over 8 more lbs. to get a normal BMI. All I can say is Spark People knocked on my door with an opportunity. It was up to me to open that door. Sure the loss was slow but it worked and will continue to work.

emoticon You bettcha!

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