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Monday, July 01, 2013


well, the relaxation was short-lived. i got up today n' was still feeding our animals when my mildly MR SIL called and apparently the mean druggie neighbors have got an iron grip-hold of the idea that she's a narc, n' are actually planning to attack her because 'she' is the reason they were arrested with large bags of drugs on their persons; one of the regulars introduced some worse ppl into the mix and pointed out SIL's doorways last night, so i actually needed to go and get her into my car and back to our home AGAIN.

DH is really really mad, & more!! stressed, which she doesn't need! when she's still quite ill; n' i was really really not happy to have to go there alone without anything or anyone to defend us, but i had my fone set to call 911, then it glitched n' i couldn't even do that. I drove 'round her block cautiously & approached the building when the nasties were pretty far away; i've lived in some really horrible places before, so at least my body language skills are up to snuff, n' have had some experience with jerks with guns; sometimes if you turn your back and walk slowly away they're too ashamed to shoot ya in the back, n' i can still move pretty fast, for a decrepit old fat chick, n' sometimes if u look crazy enough, they're not sure what to do with you, at least for long enough for you to get away. In any case, for whatever reason they looked but kept their distances.

... i got her to our house n' had a few hours to decompress before she started in telling me she thinks it'd be sooo great for her young daughter (our DDN) & fiancee to 'get a place we can all live in together'... that is SO NOT going to happen!!. That poor kid has been thru enuf, & is trying so hard to be good to her mom, she does NOT deserve to be saddled with taking care of her mom when the entire rest of our families can't even do it without freaking out.
DDN deserves to start out her life as an adult For Herself!.

speaking of freaking out; i guess that'd be Me!.. :

Yep, i HAD to introduce SOME lightheartedness to this day!

GEE i hope UR day has been BETTER! WHOOT!

Srsly tho, if i don't laugh sometimes, i'll cry WAY too much for one lil ol' average person...
so, i intend to Continue! to 'Fake it til i Make it', or however we say it, to Just Keep On Keeping On... i really don't like the idea of the alternative, no matter How! depressed or overwhelmed i get.

As one of DH's favorite mugs says, 'Life is Too Short! to be Anything! but Happy!'

I do get very sad and my level of functioning plummets sometimes, but i've got lots of experience Surviving, and now that i've had years of experiencing Other people offering support and encouragement, i DON'T think i have Any! right to Quit on myself !

PLEASE, no matter!! what You are going thru; Remember WE LOVE YOU, and U DESERVE to be Happy, Healthy, & Thrive!
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