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A "Not-So-Festive" 4th of July Weekend...

Saturday, July 06, 2013

So this week has not turned out at all like I thought it would... I had a short 2-day work week scheduled, and then was planning to enjoy a nice long 6-day holiday weekend! Had plans for a couple of fireworks shows, some lake time, a little road trippin' w/ my hubby & father, a visit to the stepson who lives a couple hours away... and even a little retail therapy. Sounds like a perfect weekend, right???

Well, that all got kabashed on Wed AM (actually Tuesday afternoon)...

Tuesday I go up early to spend a little time w/ my hubby before he headed off to his new "evening" hours at work. I had several hours before I had to go to work myself, so I decided to lay back down and take a nap to rest up for what I expected to be a busy night at work. Just as my alarm was going off, my phone started ringing too... it startled me and I rolled to the edge of the bed to grab my phone. Unfortunately, I was a bit too close to the edge, and just about fell off the bed. Luckily, I kept myself from falling off the edge w/ some quick reflexes... BUT, that caused me to twist a little too far too fast!

When that happened, I felt a "POP" in my right hip, the one that had the partial hip replacement back in Jan. 2010. I had a slight twinge of pain, but it went away pretty quickly. I managed to take care of our dogs, shower, get ready for work w/out any additional pain, so I thought it was just an isolated incident... until I got in my car to go to work. As I sat in my car, I noticed that I had alotta pain in my hip & down the front of my leg. Then once I arrived to work, I didn't even have the strength in my leg to lift it outta my car. (I literally had to use my pant leg to pick up my leg!)

As the course of my 12-hr shift went on, the pain became increasingly stronger and more frequent. Every time I had to get up outta my chair, I had to hold on to something for the first couple of steps as I felt like my leg was gonna give out on me. Let me tell ya, that sure made for a very long night!

Now i am not the type to solicit our docs for medical advice at work, but when my surgeon's assistant saw me walking (or rather limping) through our nurses station on Wed AM, he wanted to know WTH happened (his words exactly)... so I explained my situation and asked him what he wanted me to do: ER visit or clinic, as obviously someone needed to check it out. He sent me straight to the clinic to see one of his partners... and things went downhill from there.

After xrays & examining me, there is a concern that part of my hardware in my hip came loose when I heard & felt that "POP"... and so that means I was off work that night, of course, and now I get to spend my long weekend off on crutches and in bed resting my leg! So much for all of my awesome plans...

After 2 days in bed, I was starting to feel a little better... pain was minimal, wasn't having to use many pain pills, and had even gotten the strength back in my leg. Then today I had to get out & about to have a C.T. scan of my hip done at the hospital... figured while I was feeling better, I would hit the store to pick up a couple necessities. Despite using my crutches to get around, I still ended up ramping up the pain level again... that really bummed me out, cuz I was hoping that by "following the rules" & keeping my butt in bed, I would luck out and just have a pulled muscle or something more simple than the hardware issue.

Monday AM I get to see the doc and find out the results of my scan. If it is just a muscle or ligament thing, I may be ready to return to work by Wed when I'm scheduled, but if not, probably just lookin' at a couple more days off. However, if it is a loosening of my hardware, that means surgery to do a revision from my partial to a total hip replacement... which also means 6-8 weeks of work.

So, here I sit, chilling in my bed, trying to find something to watch on TV, running outta games to play, and hoping & praying for good news on Monday...

I apologize for the length of this blog, and wanna say "Thanks" to anyone who actually took the time to read it all... I'm not looking for sympathy or anything by posting this... I actually wrote this to try to keep myself accountable this time. When I went through my hip surgery the first time, I ended up starting a downhill slide w/ my weight loss efforts, and packed on the pounds quickly! I tend to "eat my emotions" and this falls right into my classic "destructive" mode. I'm really watching my calories this time and tryin' to make good choices w/ my nutrition selections.

Thanks for listening...
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  • AMR6665
    sending good thoughts your way that your appointment went well.
    2748 days ago
    sending prayers that all goes well
    2748 days ago
    Oh Crap!!! Sorry to hear this!! I pray this just needs healing and not another surgery. I had a fall this winter. Went down the front (4) steps but on the 2nd one as I stepped I KNEW there was nothing under my foot. I know my guardian angel was struggling but I ended up crosswise of the steps and my first thought as I hit was pls God don't let anything be wrong with these hips. I was fine. Take care and do let us know your outcome. Take care!

    2749 days ago
    I came here after you posted to my blog while ago. I am so sorry that youre going through all of this. I hope that its something simple that they can fix easily and you dont have to go back through hip surgery.

    I so appreciate you taking the time to comment on my blog and to offer great suggestions even when youre going through so much yourself! I wish you the very best!!
    2751 days ago
    i hope the pop was just a ligament and not the hip implant. I'm still getting back on the weight loss train from my surgery.
    2751 days ago
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