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Nobody Is Looking

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

As most of you I work in the fitness and weight loss industry and I love it. Sometimes it makes me sad though. This is what happened a couple days ago when a woman and her friend came into the gym looking to join.

I will preface this by saying we are a WOMENS ONLY gym and have every shape and age here and truly the kindest environment of any gym I've worked in! (I've worked in a few!)

Friend 1: Nope...it's too open...everyone will see me and stare.
Friend 2: let's just sit down and see...I'm going to try it no matter what...I'm probably the oldest one here and the fattest

I say hello and Friend 1 says...we were thinking of coming in for a trial but I don't like how open it is because everyone will be staring at me because of how fat I am.

I say...nobody will be staring at you...you will only FEEL that they are because you are feeling so yucky about yourself right now, that's all you can think about. The people here have their own issues and are wrapped up in their insecurities...trust me...nobody will stare at you for being heavy.

Friend 2: but we're gonna be the oldest right?

Me...actually....our oldest member is 94 and our youngest is 14....by the way...I'm 41
Friend 2: I'm 42
Me...well there ya go! :)

Friend 1: I weigh 120 kgs / 164.5 lbs
Me: I use to weigh a little more than that but today is the last day you have to weigh 120 kgs! Isn't that great?!
She almost started crying. She had her defences up so high to cover her fear and insecurities. I can tell you from other staff members in the gym whom have never had a weight problem, they didn't understand. I am not here to make someone do anything they aren't ready to do and even doing a trial when you're already closed off isn't going to work. So...I had her go away and really think about it.
They came back! I feel a special connection to Friend 1....and so while she waited to see someone else for her health screen and 1st program, I took her to a treadmill, and stood in front of her (while increasing her incline and speed as she walked) and just let her unload...13 minutes in she asked how long she had been walking...at 20 minutes the treadmill went into cool down and she said "Did I just walk 20 minutes?!) I said YUP! She said she had never done that before. THAT IS WHY I WENT INTO THIS BUSINESS! She was so proud of herself! There was a twinkle in her eye! She felt she could actually do this! :)

So...this is why I write this blog. I know there are plenty of "machine" gyms as I call them. We have several Les Mills in Christchurch and they are the only gym I said I would never work for. They are machines. I doubt most people understand obesity and pain. I have dealt with trainers who told me to go harder and faster and I had to say NO and leave because they didn't understand I wasn't lazy...I hurt! Grrrr

But please know the gym can be a place of strength, serenity, and stress reduction. There are people out there who do understand. and most importantly....can help you change your life!

NOBODY IS STARING...NOBODY CARES...and if they are/do they are impressed that you had the guts to start and do something about it! You cared enough to start making a change! THAT is what's important!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wonderful blog! Thank you for sharing, you have such a kind heart and you are inspiration to others. I am glad you were able to help these ladies feel comfortable in the gym environment. Btw love your pink hair emoticon
    2840 days ago
  • _JODI404
    I LOVE this blog!! How awesome that you had the personal experience and just the right understanding and words to make a wonderful connection with these two ladies.

    It sounds like you are truly in your joy and living your purpose! You really are an inspiration to others. Isn't it wonderful to see other people lit up and ready to change their lives and know that YOU were a big role in the process!

    Kudos to you!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2842 days ago
  • SILVER1369
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2842 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12068091
    2842 days ago
    That is AWESOME!!!!! You will be able to continue to make connections with people, because you've experienced what they are going through! It lets you be much more empathetic towards where they are at right now. You are so sweet! You just changed that woman's life! :-) (((HUGS)))
    2843 days ago
    2843 days ago
    Wow girlie! You have the right heart for that field! A few words of encouragement to people who are down on themselves is worth more than a pot of gold. Seriously. I belong to Planet Fitness and I absolutely love that place! The environment is warm and friendly and I just love that there are people working out emoticon there who are all shapes and sizes! I'm staying! Anyway, Good on ya girl. You're heart was in the right place and you touched someone's life enough for her to want to make a positive change for herself! Way to go!
    2843 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4856320
    Really liked this blog - and I'm glad you're in the business that you are. You helped Friend 1 and 2. That is awesome.
    And you're right - no one care, no one is paying attention. I used to have the same feelings about going to the gym - about people glaring and what not. Although, I'm not in a gym now (money issues) - I used to go to one where the most were fit, athletic and I was terribly worried about them judging me. No one did. Most did their thing and the trainers their were super nice and supportive.
    You've got to do your thing to help get healthier. Do your thing, they'll do theirs.
    2843 days ago
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