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Can I be FRANK with you?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Okay so a Spark friend of mine and I occasionally have to get FRANK with each other. I love to be FRANK! He is so confident and right on point. HE says what needs to be said and doesn't take excuses. Some times my friend and I take turns being FRANK with each other. I decided to share some of FRANK's wisdom here...well so that I can find it easily when I need to refer back to it! lol

*slipping into FRANK mode* emoticon

Hold on to your seat honey cuz FRANK is back!!! FOOD IS NOT GOING TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM!!! Do you realize that you are only hurting yourself when you do that? Okay so I know that you are thinking that you know that already BUT what the heck are you doing allowing things to affect you like that? You are giving them WAY too much power over you than should ever happen. Why didn't you take a walk? Why didn't you phone a friend?

I want you to be successful at whatever you set your mind to. Scratch that! I don't want you to be successful when you set your mind to eating for comfort!!! You know as well as I do that food isn't the answer to the problems that we face so we shouldn't turn to it to help us through. Food really isn't a comfort if it makes your stomach hurt or gives you gas and diarrhea. Hello McFly!!!

We have to really get serious about dealing with our emotional issues and how we are going to deal with them. This thing about running to the drive-thru to fix things doesn't fix anything. The truth of the matter is that it only makes things worse. Not only does it NOT fix the problem, we feel icky, we are disappointed in what we did and then we (on most occasions) gain weight and have to deal with that issue. Falling into the "comfort" food pit causes more issues and NEVER fixes anything! Then what do we do after that? We suffer pain in the body, we get discouraged because we over ate. Then comes the "I have to lower my calories for the next few days" tactic. If we allow it to go on, we end up gaining a bunch of weight and then the whining about the weight gain begins only to start the whole darn thing again! We have got to learn and I mean not just head knowledge but in actions! There are other ways to deal with these situations. I am not disappointed in you because that would make me a hypocrite. I have done the same things time and time again. I am here to support you. Not just when things are going good but when they aren't going so well. I just hate when you let these things get to you! Stop the insanity already!!! Stop going to that well! The water there is contaminated so stop drawing from it! lol DON'T DRINK THE KOOLAID! LOL

Whew! emoticon *back to Susan mode*

This FRANK episode was brought to you today by the makers of ....Oh sorry, I slipped into advertising mode! lol This is one of the FRANK episodes but the situations and the exact facts have been changed, left out, or disguised to protect the innocent. My intention of posting this is so that I have quick access to review it when I need a FRANK moment. I am sure that this will allow my Spark friend to refer me to it quickly as well! lol

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