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i really deserve my own self pity!!! i am at a loss, only not weight loss!!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I am feeling very very let down and discouraged this morning. I am hurting in my left hip so bad and I dont know what is causing it, but, I know I didnt feel like walking this morning.
Where that pain came from, out of no where, I have no idea.
Unless its from getting up and down so much....see, this job I took on, or whatever its called, is sitting with two ladies, one has downs syndrome and the other is bedridden.
The younger woman, with ds, is ok, she can fix her own meals mostly, she does need help reaching the overhead microwave...but for the most part, she is ok to fend for herself.
But the elderly lady, has to have everything brought to her, and she needs help getting up and down to the potty chair, but for now, she is still able to do that. I expect soon she wont be able to, as the nurse came yesterday and said shes only getting worse and her dementia is progressing.
So, its just alot of running up and down the hallway, most of the time, she doesnt really want anything.
She just calls out all day, bring me coffee, bring me a phone, come in here honey....when I go in to check on her, mostly shes half asleep and only calling out in her mind...but sometimes shes calling out cause she really needs help and I have to run and check on her.
So, that is the JOB, just alot of running and sitting down, standing up, sitting down....has to be where the hip pain came in, cause before, I was ok.
I dont honestly know how long this job is going to last for me...I am going to really try to tough it out.
I havent lost a pound this week, despite being a mexican jumping bean!!!!
And so, my body is rebelling against me...yesterday I was all happy that I was able to squeeze in a walk in the morning, and then after about 40 minutes, my foot really began to ache and pains radiating up my hip.
What can I do...I have decided to take my dumbbells and stretch bands to work with me and squeeze in some upper body workouts in between running...they have a gazelle and an eliptical machine...I really am going to need the upper body strength.
But my biggest disappointment came this morning when I stepped on the scale, to see that not an ounce was lost.
I have no idea what else I can do to tweek things.
I am walking as much as I can, which lately isnt alot, but when I do, I deal with the foot pain...I have cut bread out this whole week, and I have been going for lean proteins and yogurt all week...what is going on with me??
Why am I still stuck in this bog of zero weight loss?????
someone help me???
I even cut my calories again on my nutrition page to see if that helps me stay in line, but I am eating so little now I dont know what else to cut out.
I sit here preplexed about the whole thing, because I was losing weight like crazy before this stupid foot decided to take a break, literally a break!!!
Will I ever lose this 84 pounds I want to lose??? will I ever lose the 14 lbs I need to lose to get back to where I was...will I ever even lose one more pound???
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  • no profile photo CD8634484
    Our bodies have their own time table, and sometimes they don't coincide with ours. At the moment it's probably thinking, 'What IS she doing to me" Try to have patience and carry on exactly as you are now till your body adjusts. If you are in pain, that is probably causing water retention in those muscles, again your body will adjust as you get used to your new job, try not to give up too soon, after all, as you said, what else can you do. It will start to shift given time.
    2650 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13755987
    for me hip pain is always worse if i use the recumbant bike or anything that keeps my knees 'up' (ie not sitting reclined but sitting straight up in a hard chair) I hope your pain diminishes soon, with all this heat it can't be pleasant to have to deal with pain on top of everything else.

    2650 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8022584
    I read the comments, they said what I would've said!!! I especially like MOONSTREAM'S comments. I would also say, if you know you are doing all the right things, then a tape measure is probably to be your new best friend...
    Hang in there!!! I sure hope your hip gets better too, usually sitting too much will cause hip pain, but it certainly doesn;t sound like you are sitting down a lot!!

    PS: The elderly lady is quite typical with the dementia, bossy and constantly demanding and wants it all done for her and brought to her and won't or can't get up for long. I worked in nursing homes and also home health long enough. I can only hope I am not that way when the time comes. I pray I won't....
    2651 days ago

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  • CANDIK48
    Not every day or week you get on the scale is going to be a positive experience. Our bodies change in many ways when we change our activity and eating styles. For one thing, muscle weighs more than fat, salt impacts water retention and eating a diet that is consistently too low in calories can result in your body refusing to let go of any reserves. I just broke a plateau that I was on for a little less than 2 weeks. Not long I know compared to how long others have fought it, but long enough to feel discouraged in small ways. The key is to keep pushing forward. Never quit on yourself! If you can't control the number on the scale, keep in mind you can control how you respond to it. Hold on to your resolve! You can do it, have faith! emoticon
    2651 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/17/2013 3:52:24 PM
    Maybe the new nutrition tracker upgrade is for you? It could be a fresh thing to put in your goal again and it will give you the range you need for weight loss without exercise, then increase your range only on the days you put in the exercise you did. If what you are doing isn't working for ya, maybe try that. But you can't switch back, so what I did was make a new profile under a different email/username while I try it out. If I start seeing progress then I'll switch over. You could do the same. Maybe. Don't give up.
    2652 days ago
    hmmm. try not to be too hard on yourself - that can only backfire. Hang in there. Put some ice on your sore spots and rest. treat yourself to a nice iced tea or whatever is fairly healthy and makes you feel happy. Try to increase protein at each meal & drink more water & eat less or no white (pasta, bread, rice, alcohol) & less or no cheese. (These are my old standbys). Maybe cut back intensity of your workouts - but if you can at least do a short walk or something to keep moving. Just keep sparking and find encouragement. I notice that when I'm in a positive mood - I maintain or lose but when I'm in a bad mood I gain - and this has less to do with my eating/ exercising. So keep your mood up by pampering yourself a little more.
    And now I have to follow my own advise - lol
    2652 days ago
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