I dooded it! (with a pic)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

I'm practically a certified Turbo Kick instructor. I don't have the official paperwork yet, but my instructor already told me that I passed. It has been a crazy week, so I haven't had the chance to post about it yet, but it was an amazing experience. I'm so glad I did it!

Last Saturday, I took a flight from Austin to Dallas, and met one of my besties. We went to our hotel, and did a Turbo Kick workout DVD together in the workout room of the Hyatt. It was a great room, it was right on the pool deck, but I kicked and punched in my workout bra in all my glory. I was pretty confident that the darkened windows were keeping all the sun worshippers from seeing me.

I was wrong. About halfway through the workout, the lovely hotel employee who had checked us in came bearing gifts of bottled water. She told us she was so impressed with our workout. Oh my. :)

We had a great night, but stayed up a bit too late and wound up going to the training a bit tired. We met some amazing people, learned a lot, and kickboxed for HOURS. I improved my technique so much, and I felt thrilled. There was only one point during a workout where I felt like I couldn't keep going, but then a song came on that reminded me of my daughter, and I got back in gear. It was amazing!

I was the OLDEST participant in the training, and the only person who didn't regularly take Turbo Kick classes in a gym. The instructor (during my practical exam) told me that she was amazed at how well I executed my punches and kicks given that I'd never had input from a live teacher. I felt pretty proud - 43 year old me, keeping up with a bunch of college kids during over 8 hours of high intensity physical exercise.

We ended the day with one hour of kickboxing in the DARK - we all got glow sticks to wrap around our hands and feet, and worked it in the dark. It looked amazing and was completely exhilarating. I can't believe I did it!

I hit my fitbit record of steps - over 25,000 in one day, and I was sore for about two days after, but no matter. I set a fitness goal, and I dooded it. YEE-AHH!!!

This is me, my instructor Melissa, and my bestie after HOURS of kickboxing. The photo is grainy (I think) because our classmate who took it was shaking as much as we were by the day's end.
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