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Monday, July 22, 2013

I didn't stick to my daily food photo blogs last week as planned because, well quite honestly I kept forgetting to snap photos. I seem to remember as I take my last bite LOL. Must. Do. Better.

Anyways. Friday was a jam-packed day.
After work I went home and rallied the troops to help clean up the homestead. "Rallied" to the best of my abilities that is. It can be incredibly frustrating trying to get a grown man and two teenage boys to give a hoot about cleanliness. REAL cleanliness that is. Let's be honest, most "Man versions" of clean isn't really close to "clean" at all. At least not in my home. It's kind of funny how "chores" go in my house sometimes. I'm often terrified by pondering what my house would look like if I wasn't playing 'Mommy Drill Sargent' all the time. When I decided to go back to school the DH and I had a BIG talk about responsibility, and SHARING said household responsibilities... Overall he did a good job, but the day my BIO class ended, well, so did the effort...

Two hours and a big family 'Swiffering' lesson later, I felt better looking at what resembled more acceptable version of a clean house. It's a pity it never stays that way for long. This time it lasted until about Sunday morning, enter my grievances.... Nothing seems to bother me more than having my hard work under appreciated and disrespected. I often feel like a slave to my house, and while I don't think we are slobs by any means, clutter and overall messiness bothers me. More-so, feeling like I don't get to enjoy things because I'm too busy cleaning up after OTHER people's carelessness bothers me the most. It actually eats away at me and puts me in a bad mood to walk from room to room and see things messy. ESPECIALLY after JUST having worked so hard to get it looking good!

Yes, I am slightly OCD. While I recognize this is probably very much a "me" problem, this weekend was just one of those weekends I felt very overwhelmed and annoyed. Really, how hard is it to put things away where you get them? Throw clothes IN the hamper, NOT on the floor next to it? Hang a towel up nicely? Close a cupboard before walking away? NOT spill food all over the floors (and if you do wipe it up, all of it)? By the end of Sunday I was feeling so agitated over it all I ended up isolating myself to my bedroom, engrossing myself into HBO programming. Any attempt made to socialize probably would not have boded well for others, so really I probably did them a favor. As I type this, I realize I probably sound like an uptight control freak.. I hope I'm not alone in this because I don't think I am a cleaning Nazis. But sometimes those straws pile up and just break the camel's back, ya know what I mean. Hubby is at work tonight, kids are away, so I'll be spending my evening getting it back to above par.... Anyways.. Okay rant over.

My eating was pretty on-point this weekend. I had a few splurges, but overall did well with my choices.

Friday Bfast: Eggs on toast with cheese.

Friday Lunch: Salad and fruit

Friday night we treated our son to a B-day dinner of his choosing. A man after my own heart, he chose Sushi. Probably my biggest splurge of the weekend. Sushi is a killer when it comes to sodium! But OH SO GOOD! After sushi we went to Barnes and Nobel to spend some of his B-day cash, then walked around the mall and landed on Cold Stone for dessert.

I opted for a small chocolate yogurt with peanut butter and a half a brownie.

Fun things we found at Barnes & Nobel:

I bought two of these, one for the wall and one I'm going to use to frame the photos :) LOVE ITALY!!

We came home Friday and had a treat. An actual monsoon storm hit us. We sat outside on our porch and watched the rain and lightning until about 11:00 together. A RARE occasion in our neck of the woods. It was a nice relaxing way to end the day.

Saturday I got up early and headed to my massage appointment. He REALLY did a number on my shoulder this time. OUCH! It's been getting incrementally better since my Cross Fit injury, but is still by no means functioning normally yet. I am starting to be able to lift it over my head again, but still have trouble with certain motions. He really got in the joint this time and worked on the rotators-cuff. For the rest of the day Saturday I felt down for the count. I don't know if it was the massage or what, but I spent most of the day feeling like garbage. After the massage we took the kids to see Despicable Me 2, which honestly is probably one of my new favorite movies LOL. SO CUTE! After the movie misery really sunk in and I ended up lying down and taking a nap. I've never felt so horrible after a massage before. Maybe he exorcised the demon?

I managed to surface to do grocery shopping. We scored some FANTASTIC deals I was so proud! It must have been mark down day because we were able to load up on Salmon for DIRT cheap, and we scavenged the "damaged" section and got canned goods for .39 ea, bread for a $1.00 cases of water for $.99. It was awesome. Generally the only thing wrong with the stuff was just that it looked like it fell off a cart somewhere and got a little smushed. WIN, Win. We even got a panini maker/grill

Saturday night the boys decided they wanted to cook us dinner, so with our supervision they made us spaghetti, meatballs, and sausages. I made my low sodium veggie sauce. They really did a great job!

Sunday we woke up relatively early, and took advantage of some stormy weather to clean the garage. PHEW! Nothing burns more calories than cleaning a garage I tell ya! But we de-cluttered and got rid of A LOT of junk. In a year we have to downsize our home so we're trying to do little by little now. After the garage was done I hit our bedroom and can now say my close and drawers are clean AND organized!

Cameron wanted to make us breakfast Sunday, so I helped him make hash browns, scrambled eggs, and turkey bacon. Turned out to be more like brunch by the time we finished all the cleaning, but I think we have future chef's on our hands!

As I said, I hid in my bedroom for the evening, so Hubby was charged with dinner. He grilled chicken on thew new "grill" (note to self: it's not a good grill, use for grilled sandwiches only) and boiled new potatoes. No photo sorry. Stress got the better of me last night and I ended up having TWO of the boys pop tarts, and some Hershey's kisses. OOPS.

Back at it today. Low sodium vegetarian chili and wild rice for lunch. I completely skipped over breakfast because work was so busy today.

That being said, I better get back to it. emoticon

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Excellent post, loved reading it. Your mention of Italy has me day-dreaming - have you ever been? :-D
    2770 days ago
    I'm also outnumbered by men here 2:1 so I hear you on the housekeeping or lack thereof department. But if Mommy isn't happy NO ONE is happy here at my house so they do buckle down and help when they see me mad enough. Good job on training your men;) cooking and cleaning are basic life skills they will be thankful for when they are on their own. Or when they marry and have to help the wife out lol.

    Food looks great, you raising the next Bobby Flay over there? emoticon

    emoticon find on the panini grill, I love mine:) I use it to grill asparagus and zuchinni oh and bell peppers
    2777 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/23/2013 2:43:19 PM
    You are not alone at all when it comes to cleaning the house - it's a huge burden and completely overwhelming if the majority of the tasks are left to one person. I love a clean house but sometimes I just don't have the energy to do it myself OR to 'encourage' my husband to do it. We plan on moving in the next 6 months or so and I'm already panicking about getting the house ready.

    We also saw Despicable Me 2 over the weekend and LOVED it - such a great movie! Love that the boys helped with cooking. It's a great skill for any young man to build so that they're better positioned to handle those things when they're on their own.
    2778 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2415256
    You are so not alone in the cleaing department! I keep telling my husband that I just want the house to look "presentable" in case company were to drop by unanounced. But, he still throws his dirty clothes at the floor of the bed instead of in the laundry basket, doesn't know how to push dishes in the dishwasher instead of the sink, and has a problem collecting stuff! I am definitely the clean one and can't stand clutter while he is ok with a little disorganization. I continually clean out the extra closets, pantry, garage, etc. Ahhh, a woman's work :(

    Great job on staying on track with your food choices! Enjoy the time off in between classes and although it probably won't happen try to not stress about the house emoticon
    2778 days ago
    You are not alone in cleaning... I want my house to be tidy, too!

    "Despicable me" is not gonna premiere in Greece until September, so I'm really jealous! Fortunately I'm planning to watch "Star Trek: Into Darkness" tonight.

    It was so nice of your boys to cook for you!
    Have a great week!

    2778 days ago
    I understand the whole house cleaning thing. There is only my husband and me, but he doesn't lift a finger to help. I get so fatigued with my MS that days will go by when nothing gets done. Then when I feel better, it's frustrating because I don't even know where to start.
    Your boys are handsome and it's excellent that you're guiding them in cooking and getting them to start picking up after themselves. They need to be self-sufficient at some point.
    The food looks awesome.
    2778 days ago
    I'm right there with you on the house cleaning and always picking up after someone else.. You stick to your guns and train those boys! ;) Both in house cleaning and in cooking! way to go! I need to work on my kiddos too!
    Yummo looking food and great inspiration on the decluttering and cleaning up.. I need to do the same!
    2778 days ago
  • LYNSEY723
    It sounds like a great weekend, despite the massage and the irritations! I sure hope you are feeling better!
    2778 days ago
    I definitely understand the frustration of feeling like you are the only one in the house that actually cares what it looks like. And you are right! Clean to guys and clean to girls are very often two very different things. Sounds like you had a very productive weekend though!
    2778 days ago
    I was just thinking about cleaning... and how much I am totally NOT like a typical woman in that respect! My mother never was much of a house keeper, I never learned how to properly do the "chores". Consider yourself wise for teaching your boys a thing or two about house keeping/cleanliness! It will come in handy when they finally move out on their own! Being independant is very important!

    I have a panini maker too, they are awesom for sandwhiches! Not so sure about doing chicken on it, unless you pounded the chicken out first (make it thinner)

    2778 days ago
  • SUGAR0814
    Food looks great!! emoticon
    2778 days ago
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