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Revival: Looking at Key Points

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth.

Psalm 72:8

Welcome back to our ongoing study on Revival and Returning Back to Our Godly Roots.

Last study we looked at Seeking God in Revival with a Compassionate Heart.

Today I will endeavor to tie this study up with re-capping some of the key points on Revival. One of these key areas we have studied is the various characteristics of an individual who prays for personal revival to take place.

One who is stirred in their own heart is one who is first tender towards the moving of the Holy Spirit and is one who is willing to be changed. As you recall, when Simpson began to seek the face of God, he had a “change of heart”.

God changed him from the inside out. God began to speak to Him and put a burden on his heart for lost souls. As an individual is changed by the power of the Holy Spirit they begin to have a heart that is stirred and is focused on praying first for their own hearts condition. Once their hearts condition has been dealt with there is always a desire to get right with God. This is always followed by confession of their sins, which causes the individual to repent, turn from their sin which allows them to be restored into right relationship with God.

The person who has been revived has a shift in where their priorities are “focused”. The revived heart will now have a burden for the lost, for the state their Country and the state of their Leaders are in. Their focus will be on the lost souls in their neighborhoods and in their communities. The revived heart has a burden for Souls and has a desire to see revival happen in their Churches, within their Families, and the Communities they are living in.

I would like to encourage you all to continue seeking God in your own personal walk with Jesus. As we have studied in past newsletters, Revival starts within. Revival has to come from the heart. God will change an individual’s heart as they are truly seeking revival to take place within their own hearts. As we begin to seek God ourselves and look to Him with surrendering our hearts and lives to Him we will see revival take place not only in our own lives but in the lives of the people we have influenced along the way.

Scripture clearly states in 2 Chronicles 7:14 If My people who are called by My name shall humble themselves and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

Something to think about: Revival means a renewal, restoration & recovery. As individuals are renewed they prepare the way for revival to happen in their own lives and in the lives of the people who live in their communities.


To re-cap our past studies lets look at what we discovered in the lives of the Men and Women who were used of God as they sought personal revival for themselves. We learned that the Lord is looking for a heart that is truly seeking Him, surrendering all to God and desiring that their lives and the communities they are living in will be changed to the Glory of God.

There are some conditions that are laid out in Scripture that God expects His children to fulfill before Personal Revival will come to not only ourselves but to our Communities we are praying for.

A. What Has to Happen for Revival to take root in our nation of Canada?

1. We need to be humble
2. Confess sin in our lives
3. Seek forgiveness
4. Forgive others
5. Follow Christ whole-heartedly

B. What is the Result of Following these Principles?

1. It impacts society with conviction
2. Produces godliness
3. Justice
4. Peace & Righteousness

As individuals and churches are renewed they prepare the way for revival to happen in their communities and in their countries. When the Holy Spirit is outpoured on the people and people begin to change they affect the lives of others who come along their path.
As we seek to hear from God and fulfill our calling there is no telling what may do with a life that is totally surrendered.

Indeed Revival begins in the hearts of the people. As our hearts are changed, it then spreads out to others, and beyond, impacting lives to the Glory of God.

AB. Simpson is a perfect example of a man who truly surrendered his life to God. He grew in his walk with God and was used in a mighty way. He touched many lives that came along his path. A. B. Simpson was given a burden for souls. He had a deep compassion for souls. It was during those times of surrender and prayer that Simpson learned to die daily to self with committing himself to the work of God. He had a deep desire to evangelize, he was consumed with winning a Harvest of Souls for Christ. He wrote a hymn called a Missionary’s Cry.

A hundred thousand souls a day,
Are passing one by one away, in
Christ less guilt and gloom.
Without one ray of hope or light,
With future dark as endless night,
They’re passing to their doom,
They’re passing to their doom

Simpson lived a consecrated life devoted to reaching souls for Christ. He remained devoted to serving Jesus and was known as a man of Vision and of Faith. We too can follow after Simpson’s footsteps and be men and women of Faith and have a vision for the lost.

As we wait on God, seek the Lord in prayer and seek to surrender all to Jesus we too can hear the Still Small Voice of God and be Men and Women after God’s own heart. We too can make a difference in our own communities, in our work places, and in our neighborhoods, touching lives and impacting souls for the Kingdom of God.

We too can learn from Simpson and be men and women who inspire others to live a life that is committed to serving Jesus and one that is committed to serving others. As we seek to hear from God and fulfill our calling there is no telling what God may do with a life that is totally surrendered.

A life that is fully surrendered to Jesus can be a life that will do great exploits for God. Indeed Revival begins in the hearts of the people. As our hearts are changed, it then spreads out to others, and beyond, impacting lives to the Glory of God. As our hearts are changed we will be able to reach lives and impact our communities for Christ just as Simpson and others did. As we seek to commit our lives to Christ and seek to be revived in our own hearts God is able to give us the same burden and compassion He gave Simpson. Indeed when we surrender all to Jesus and seek His face & surrendering all to Him, we will see the Hand of God move in our midst.

Oh, that we, God’s Children would take up our torch and answer the call for Revival and see our Hearts Revived, Souls Saved & our Nation’s healed to God’s Glory
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