Feeling Disappointed and Betrayed...

Thursday, July 25, 2013

I rejoined SparkPeople after losing 50 pounds on here almost 3 years ago… I went on my phone to download the SparkPeople APP so that I can keep track of what I eat and exercise… and to my knowledge they are charging 3.99 for the app in the App store? Really… And I really believed SparkPeople was here to help us and support us and stand by our side when we were at our weakest point… This is what I loved about this site from the start… but after seeing this I was so disappointed… it was this site that I have talked to so many people about and supported for many years… and I honestly felt betrayed that they would do that to us… very disappointed… I just really believed the inventors of this site really cared about us and really wanted to help us.. but I guess not... It's all about the money...
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    I maintain two web sites, I pay fees to internet providers, I devote time and energy to maintaining and updating pages. Sorry you feel that this should all happen for free. I have used othersite, weight watchers, Calor King, etc. as well as Sparks. Sparks provide a very good service for free or almost for free.

    Some of the extras require a bit of money but this is need to make things happen. My Taijiquqn form has annual membership fees (these are nominal) but part of sharing in the benefits of the site.

    My Chi Running form and membership requires annual minimum fees and also has a revenue sharing that requires certified trainers to pay a portion of fee up to the central organization to help cover the cost of organizing.

    This is normal. there are costs involved with keeping each of these things going and improving. A coffee and a Donut will pay for the cost of the app. If you occasionally make such a purchase then what is the issue. Not trying to be insensitive nor unkind, but there is a reality that your being able to post your disappointment and my being able to comment and provide you my thoughts on it require an infrastructure to make it happen, this infrastructure costs money. Ads bring in some of that money a token charge of an app which requires program time to develop, to fix and to improve is not unreasonable, in my opinion.

    2195 days ago
    I hope you don't like that deter you from using Sparkpeople I didn't download the app but just use my internet to update whatever I need to. Don't let corporate America dictate your access to free websites...

    God bless,

    2436 days ago
    2438 days ago
    I agree that, after all, the site is free. I'm sorry I didn't download it when it was free but for that price it is still affordable. You are here and that's what's important.
    2439 days ago
    With all the good stuff, I have to ignore the negatives. Hope you find a balance.
    2440 days ago
    Quoted from a SparkPeople forum post:

    "We started charging for our mobile tracking apps because they require significant resources to build & maintain, but do not provide much revenue via ads (and we have to make money so that we can stay in business and support our free products)! The site is still 100% free and so is our mobile site that can be accessed on your phone's web browser ("

    here's other info on the post as well:

    2440 days ago
    As Robbiey says, they do their best to provide as much of their service free as they can, but a website this complex costs money to maintain. So they have advertisers, and they offer extra services, like mobile apps, at a cost.

    Just ask yourself if a 3.99 charge for a mobile app is reason to give up on yourself.

    Find another site, join a local support group, don't use the mobile app, but keep on taking care of yourself.
    2440 days ago
    If you previously had the app you should be able to transfer it... do a search on SP for the information.

    It has been offered for free once in the last10 months - for Android at least, because I d/l for my Kindle.
    2440 days ago
    Another way of looking at: you don't have to use the app either, I will go on the regular site so I can see posts and such that the app won't do.

    $3.99 isn't all that bad for the ability to track what you eat, log your exercise and be able to carry it in your pocket. Perhaps if you have to pay for it, it might make you more accountable and more likely to use it- free or charge, it's worthless if you don't use it.

    Good going on the 50lbs!
    2440 days ago
    emoticon to hear of your feelings of disappointment & betrayal.

    It might help for you to zero in on the past benefits of the service (that you were blessed to use for free) & decide if the benefits are worth the charge now asked.

    God bless!
    2440 days ago
    I am sorry you feel this way. I think they have to make money in some ways to provide all the free service that they do and for the site to remain free.

    2440 days ago
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