Painfully Evident... Literally

Monday, August 05, 2013

This weekend was an amazingly fun weekend. Among the fun however, I was smacked in the face with the rather obvious realization it's been FAR too long since my body has experienced physical activity beyond my normal day to day life activities.

I blame this in part to my nagging shoulder injury which has been going on since March! I find myself with very little motivation to work out because I know how badly the types of fitness I enjoy doing (like kick boxing and S.T.) will hurt. I know, what about OTHER types of exercise? I don't ONLY have to kick box or ST, but I find it even harder to make myself do something that feels more like torture than fun! And beyond making excuses about my shoulder, any motivation I may have is generally nullified by the nasty 110 plus heat. I just can't make myself go out in it to workout. The other things I enjoy like hiking and biking are out because of the heat! What about home work outs? Well, when I'm home I find it even more difficult to motivate myself. I have too many other distractions and exercise is at the bottom of my list of things to do ten miles long.... Excuses, excuses. I know...

It's not that I'm turning the cheek to my workout avoidance techniques. I'm fully aware. I've just been plugging along doing what I can, when I can and working at keeping my eating on point (and not much more). I do yard work, we go and do things that get in spurts of activity here and there, but it's nothing consistent. I recognize the fitness is lacking, but if I'm not working out regularly, at least I'm still eating well. (Well, with the exception of this past weekend, which was utter crap). Primarily, I've been maintaining good eating habits. 1 point for Stacey!

Until this weekend I was okay with this reality. Full time employee, wife, mom, student... There's not a whole lot of time for all the things I'd "like" to do these days, and I feel pretty proud I am at least conquering the diet aspect of a healthy lifestyle. That is..... until I attempted a not so difficult hike/walk on Saturday when it became painfully evident just how out of shape I've managed to get. You really do need both!! (Not that I don't know this already, but sometimes you need a wake up call).

We took a little adventure this weekend up through Sedona to Flagstaff to see my parents. In Sedona we did a lot of walking around, which wasn't difficult, and with the weather being in the 80's it was quite enjoyable.

After Sedona, we forged up the scenic road to Slide Rock. Being the last weekend before most schools are back in session, I believe half of the State had the exact same idea as we did. The parking lot was full and we ended up parking about a mile away down the highway.... For those not having been there before, Slide Rock is basically a really big creek, down in a Gully type area along highway 89A. The water makes the rocks really slick and you "slide" down the creek with the current. It's really fun. The road to get there is hilly and windy, and there are steep drop offs off to one side of the road down to the creek area. We walked the fine line between the drop off and highway between our car and the park, which again was fine, no big deal... As long as you avoid tumbling down the steep drop off down to the creek.....

After walking about a mile, we had two choices, continue down the road a little ways farther to the parking lot and take the easy way in... Or.... climb down the embankment for a more direct route.... Of course my family took the latter.

We made it down fine, but at the bottom my quads were ready for a sit, they had about all the rock climbing they could handle for a moment. We stayed for a while watching the kids slide and jump off the rocks... Rather terrifying watching some of the more daring/stupid young adults (and actual adults) attempting things they should not have been attempting given the whole "boulders everywhere" situation Slide Rock has going on. Thankfully we saw no injuries and my kids know better.....

After the fun in the sun, and severe burns on my shoulders we decided to call it quits and continue on our adventure to Flagstaff. That meant hiking back out the way we came. This time the uphill climb, plus walk back UP the hill to our car... Well, Stacey's body didn't agree with this too much. Maybe it was dehydration (I really hadn't had any water at all), or the elevation (5000 ft), or just plain out of shape-ness (or all three) but my body completely shut down. Standing along the edge of the road/staring down into the gorge I started seeing stars and feeling very light-headed. My legs were cramping, my chest was tight, and I just couldn't move another inch. I plunked my booty down right there and just laid there for a good 15 minutes to recover. Even my husband, who has never seen me do so was concerned he was going to have to pull out his EMT kit on me. After a few minutes I was okay and continued on and made it back to the car and A/C with out further incident.

Whatever the reason, it was with out a doubt a wake up call to quit making excuses and get back in the gym... Despite the minor incident, we had a FABULOUS time! It just isn't summer break without a trip to Slide Rock when you live in AZ!

In Flagstaff we had a great time. The weather was perfect, it hovered around 60-70 degrees the entire time, and we even got rain! (another rarity for me!). We spent some time doing a lot of walking, had dinner in old town for my husband's b-day at a delicious (not at all healthy) Hawaiian restaurant, then pie for dessert. We spent the evening hanging on the porch soaking in the pine trees and weather, the kids having hot cocoa and me a tasty adult beverage. (PS I cut my hair even shorter, it's more of a pixie cut now, and today I had a co-worker tell me I looked like Michelle Williams. That was nice since it was her picture I used for the cut LOL).

Sunday we adventured to a place my mom and dad saw on Diner's Drive Ins & Dives called "Brandy's" (which means for sure it was again, NOT healthy, but again DELICIOUS!) I had the eggs Benedict.

Afterwards we went to the Navajo festival which was really interesting and entertaining. We had Indian Fry Bread while we were there. I mean, how could we not? It rained on and off at the festival which we didn't mind one bit even though we got wet (because we don't own umbrellas). We were sad to leave and head back to the oven called Phoenix in which we reside.

It wasn't a healthy weekend by any means in the way of food. But it we got some fitness in and it was a well deserved way to send the summer off in summer. The boys start school on Thursday again and it will be back to business. Today I'm back at it fighting the good fight, forging forward, ready for the week ahead.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    My goodness, looks like you had an absolute blast! What a beautiful location!
    2756 days ago
    Seems you had a great time! I love your hair!

    2761 days ago
    I totally LOVE your new hair!!! You are my hair-spiration right now!!! I am going for the CHOP-CHOP after I get home from Convention I thinkk!! :)

    What a lovely day vacation!!! I am jealous! And that hike, sounded intense!!! I am pretty sure you weren't fatigued from poor fitness, probably more like heat exhaustion! :( But hey, use this as motivaion to get back into a routine! I know you can do it, Girl! Start slow!!!

    2762 days ago
    What a great weekend. Given your insane schedule and all that you're juggling, you're doing an amazing job. Sometimes you have to fit in activity where you can and remind yourself that it isn't always possible to do it all. Keep pushing but remember you're only human. emoticon
    2764 days ago
    Sounds like a really fun weekend! Love the hair cut too :) I cut around 12 inches off this summer too, mine is not quite as short as yours, I love it! You have some much going on it is no wonder your fitness has suffered, as moms/ wives/ every other role we play, sometimes we get so busy that something has to suffer :( Hopefully you will have a few minutes here and there this week to get back on track! I fell off the fitness wagon too when life threw me a curve ball and I am on my way back to the wagon!

    2764 days ago
    The pictures are surreal! Love it! What a gorgeous place, and nice haircut :)
    Sometimes it takes a difficult activity to remind you why it is you want to have strength. Being fit, and exercising is so much more then just general weight loss. it makes your life easier. From hiking to opening jars of tomato sauce! I remember why I do it every time I carry 22 pounds of wiggling toddler up the stairs, so I hear ya!
    Hope you have a great week!
    2764 days ago
    Beautiful pictures!
    2764 days ago
    Sounds like a great weekend. The pictures are spectacular. Your haircut is very cute. You said you were unable to do your kick boxing and S.T.
    What does S.T. stand for? I'm behind on a lot of things. emoticon
    2764 days ago
    I know how you feel! I had knee surgery May 8th and had to take it easy for a while. I got almost to the point of my previous activity ability (after gaining 15 pounds because I WASN'T good with food) and hurt my knee again the Thursday before last. I took an entire week off of exercise (because my opposite hip has been giving me problems, too) and just today (except for a walk the other night) got in a good workout.

    What a scary situation but I'm glad you recovered! I had that happen once on vacation and ended up drinking an entire 20 oz. bottle of water, which made the symptoms go away completely (go figure). Take care of yourself girl! Even if it's a little at a time. And the haircut is adorable!
    2764 days ago
    Grrrreat photos! emoticon Glad you had a great time, how fun nature walks and hikes are a super workout!
    2764 days ago
  • SUGAR0814
    Great pictures! Looks like you had an awesome time! BTW, I love your haircut! Super cute!
    2764 days ago
    Is sounds like you had a wonderful summer weekend! A high calorie weekend is probably a good thing sometimes - keeps your body guessing a little! Your hair is super cute! Scary little hiking incident! It is amazing how fast we lose the conditioning if we stop exercising. I hear you on the time commitment though. Sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day.
    2764 days ago
    I'm glad you were able to have a wonderful time. I hate you had such a rough like down and back up. But, I am glad it has motivated you to get back to working out. I'm very jealous of your weekend though, it sounds wonderful!!! And it's great you were able to enjoy some nice weather with your family...jealous on that front too!!
    2764 days ago
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