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Monday, August 12, 2013

I've been seeing these things online and I got a little curious. One great big online store (yup, that one) grabbed my eye with a adorable magenta colored one. (Anything hot pink or hot purple will do that.)

My question is this:

What so great about Fitbit? I'd love to hear others experiences. Do you like it? Was it disappointing once you had it for a while?

Thanks, y'all!
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    I love my withings pulse. I like the fact that I can check my heartbeat with it as well as it monitors my sleep and of course does all of the tracking I need. I researched all of them and this one seemed to have a little more to offer at the same price.
    1979 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14527129
    I just got the Withings Pulse 2 days ago and I'm very pleased with it! Tracking steps, miles, sleep, etc emoticon
    2070 days ago
  • no profile photo DIALYNN
    I just wondered, did you end up getting a fitbit? I have a Spark Tracker and it's great, but I was thinking of getting a fitbit one because I hike in the summer and would like to have my elevations tracked. I am also looking at a Withings Pulse.
    2245 days ago
  • -THINQ-
    I have the fitbit one; I got it because I wanted to track my sleep, but I haven't had time to remember lately. It does a decent job of telling me how disturbed and how long I've slept.
    I also like the stairs feature, it does really encourage me to look for or plan ahead to use them.

    I've heard about the replacement for free too, that's one of the main reasons I went ahead and spent the money (I ordered the One ahead from fitbit site).
    I've already lost it once and though I found it again, outside, it was a great relief to know that if I couldn't I could get a replacement quickly easily and at no more cost than I'd already spent!

    A fitbit in general was my choice for cost too, since I knew I wouldn't want to spend any more for extras.

    The One clips into my bra, waistband, or can slip into a hip pocket, but I wish I'd known that the wristband model was going to appear a few months after the One did, I might have waited.
    The One does seem to track my real fitness level best if I wear it on my bra, since I do a lot that involves repeated bending and lifting. Won't count extra steps for it, but my flower grows faster.

    Hopefully this helps!
    2409 days ago
    I bought a fitbit one this weekend. I love this thing already! It's a great motivator for me and it's encouraging me to get off of my butt and get to walking.
    2419 days ago
    I treated myself to a Withings Bluetooth scale a month ago and I'm thinking of getting an activity tracker that syncs with it called the Pulse. It's like a fitbit with a few extra bells and whistles. And of course, it syncs with the Withings website so I'll have all the info in one place. I researched Fitbit and it looked pretty good and seems to have satisfied customers but the Pulse is more appealing to me only because I already am bonded with the scale and have a great pedometer on my cell phone.

    I have a Samsung phone that comes with a suite of health apps called S Health and it includes one called Walking Mate that is an excellent step counter. It even give elevation and a chime and a gold medal when you meet your daily goal.

    Keep us posted on your decision and your experience.

    2421 days ago
    I have a zip - $50 on Amazon and its a great motivator. I misplaced it a few days ago but I know I'll find it when I clean this weekend....many steps involved in that!
    I've added you as a friend. Thanks for your honest intro page.
    2421 days ago
    I have a fitbit zip. I love it! It is small and discreetly hangs on my bra. It is exremely accurate. I do sync it to Spark. On the Fitbit site you can see how many active steps you take versus casual steps. It also tracks distance and calories burned. It is fun and motivating to see how your friends are doing and try to keep on top of the leader board. The zip is cheaper and the only difference I could see is that it does not track sleep and stairs. Neither of those features mattered to me. You can sign up on the fitbit website before buying one if you want to get more familiar with what it has to offer. I also have an Omron pedometer but it is huge compared to the fitbit. Hope this helps!
    2422 days ago
  • LINDA!
    I have not bought one yet but I am also interested. I am glad that I learned some things by reading this blog and the answers. I think I would like the one that you wear on your wrist.
    2422 days ago
    Thanks for asking this question, I enjoyed the answers
    Sparking with M.S.

    2425 days ago
  • PCOH051610

    Your timing is great as I lost my FitBit last week and I am lost without it. (They are replacing it all the same) Anyway, because money is tight I debated going without one and I did a wee bit of research into whether another company made something comparable. From everything I've read the FitBit is the way to go. I had the FitBit One but I think they have an even newer model out now that you can wear on your wrist.

    Like another person said, using the FitBit is motivating. I, too, have meandered around a grocery store just to build up some extra steps. I don't sync mine to Spark, however, because I like to be able to actually enter my mileage and know how long it took me.

    For example, if I put my FitBit on and wear it all day I might get 5,000 steps in but I have no idea of my speed. So, when I go out with my dogs for a deliberate walk, I make note of the steps already taken and( the time i start and finish my walk) and subtract those from my overall steps.

    2426 days ago
    Thanks for the explanations. I've heard pros and cons
    2426 days ago
    I have FitBit one and I LOVE IT. I can't believe something so small can be motivating. For example, I purposefully was not efficient when I was grocery shopping yesterday so I would get in a lot of steps. Whenever I see stairs, I leave the elevator or escalator behind.
    I get up early to do yoga and the silent alarm allows me to get up without disturbing my DH. Fitbit syncs with Spark and now that the fitness tracker and nutrition tracker link up I have a better idea of proper calorie intake.
    In addition, they haver great, great customer service. I lost one and went swimming with one and both were replaced at no cost to me.
    2426 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13512576
    I have the older version, but mine is bright green. I love it! It keeps track of your steps or the newer versions will count flight of stairs or your sleeping habits. My other friends love the newer version and I love my older version. It helps you keep activity level on the forefront. Fitbit creators have a sense of humor because you get some surprises when flipping through the screens. Just trust me on this! I highly recommend and spark people has been very compatible with my fitbit. You can transfer your information (food, exercising, etc from one place to another).

    2426 days ago
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