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Maybe (for me) it's not so much the calories...

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My body has been hanging onto its fat supply like there really may not be a tomorrow in spite of how hard I've been working to shake it. Well, I CAN shake it, and that's the point. I don't want it jiggling like that anymore when I do!

I'm not overweight anymore, I'm just not in ideal shape. Since I began my journey I did lose weight in the form of fat and I began to build some muscle. I am fairly happy with the progress, but thought for sure I would be further along by now. I am wearing the same size now as I was in April, which isn't a huge size, but still, with all the exercise and calorie counting/portion control I would have thought I would have seen more results.

Maybe it's not the calories I need to be restricting so much as the types of calories. I rarely eat dairy, but when I do maybe I should avoid fat free dairy. I eat a 90%+ organic diet, so maybe I should try to keep it closer to 100%. I eat mainly whole foods as it is now, but will occasionally have organic corn chips, pasta, brown rice or a slice of bread. I think eliminating any grains, whole grains or otherwise, for a while could help my body to cleanse. Maybe I need to juice more to cleanse my body of toxins that are being stored in what's left of my fat cells. What if all all those toxins from my younger days are being stored there and my body can't keep up with unloading them at the moment and needs a little boost? I can do that.

I know a lot of people don't believe in detoxifying/cleansing their bodies, but I think it's imperative to healthy living. Why I haven't seriously considered doing it myself before now is beyond me. All those years of smoking, drinking and taking Tylenol when I was younger are probably a big reason I am hanging onto the extra padding that I would love to get rid of for good.

I know, "maybe this" and "what if that"... I believe it's time I really gave it a shot. After all, what I'm doing now is no longer producing positive results, I think it's time to change strategy. That being said, I am also going to incorporate more strength training into my routine. No more messing around, it's time to get serious!

A new chapter in the journey for better health begins now.
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    Can't wait to hear how it's been going. One thing that I've read, and again, I'm no expert in any of these things by far, but one thing I've come to understand is that our body needs fat and enough fatty acids in our diets for it to decide that it doesn't need to hold onto it's fat stores. I prefer to give my body just the minimum amount of fat in my daily diet, as fat is the most directly converted energy into actual fat cells, as are fatty acids. A elevated levels for these consistently, as I understand it, will directly relate into higher body fat. Not sure if you track fatty acids, or what kind of breakdown you aim for in terms of daily fat consumption, but it's a thought at least. Something to look into maybe. I understand though, it's easier for me at the moment because I have so much fat to lose. I'm very curious about the different kinds of body composition challenges that await me in the future. Good luck, Snic, you know I'm in your corner 100%!
    2787 days ago
    This may be just what your body needs. I firmly believe t hat each of us is different and what works for one doesn't work for someone else.
    At this point in my weight loss journey I'm eating very low carb meals. I eat all the vegies I want and moderate amounts of fruit each day. No bread, pasta or anything else made with flour. Starches that I do eat are sweet potatoes, corn, dried beans. I consume quite a lot of meat and moderate amounts of fat to get to about 1300 calories per day. If you're vegetarian its harder to get all the protein without having a higher carb intake.

    Anyway, good luck in finding what suits your body best so you can feel great and look it too.
    2804 days ago
    The last time I was on a juice fast was in my 30s. I went for 21 days and lost weight and felt amazing. I do believe in fasting for both weight loss and getting rid of the toxins. I just can't seem to do it any more. My dad (where I learned all this stuff) was the same way. I remember him fasting for 3 weeks, on nothing but water, but still spry enough to shovel mountains of snow, when I was a kid ~ but he found it difficult when he got older, as well. Or, maybe we both just got lazy. lol

    So ~ I am a believer. I was a vegetarian for a short while, I know (or maybe 'used to know') a lot about vitamins and used to eat a whole lot better than I do now. Then I had a problem with my jaw and now can't eat certain things. :( Plus, I am borderline diabetic. (People say there is no such thing but my doc insists there is!) But, to be honest, I just love food too much now to really give it my all, to be healthy.

    But ~ I sure admire what you are doing. I wish you all the best ~ and keep us posted regarding all your changes, reactions etc. to this 'better way' of living. :)

    Re: your answer to my post. Yep, you are really right ~ it is a lifestyle change, not a diet. It's just that returning from vacation to Day 1, and screwing up was NOT what I had planned. Imagine "forgetting" that I was back on program. lol Btw, it wasn't just a chip or 2. ;) But. today is going well. emoticon emoticon
    2807 days ago
    Good luck. You can do it. I have faith in you.
    2807 days ago
    I love trying things to shake my system up, especially when I feel stuck and there is so much good information on cleansing out there. Sounds like you've thought this through. My only thought is this...the hardest part for me is remembering to love myself no matter what....that's what gets me through the journey.
    2808 days ago
    It sounds like you have given this a lot of thought. Do what is best for you!
    2808 days ago

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    It sounds like you are doing everything right!
    2808 days ago
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