Final Word... (for this challenge)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Well, I did not make my list of priorities or how I was going to DETERMINE to meet them today like I planned... BUT, I FORGIVE myself for it and am moving on! I do know that I want my TOP priority to be God, so, I just have to start putting Him first! First, before sleeping in, before computer (e-mail, facebook and spark), before my phone... YES, I just admitted I am addicted to my phone, lol! This means, I need to go to bed earlier than I am tonight and get up in time to spend time with Him. I KNOW being a Christian is NOT JUST praying and reading the bible, it is living it out. However, I desire a close relationship with my savior. In order to have a close relationship with ANYONE, you have to spend time with them, communicate with them and sometimes, just acknowledge and BE in their presence! You need to show affection, do things they like, etc... Taking some time each day to pray IS communicating, reading His word is learning what he wants to communicate to me, spending time worshiping Him is showing affection and when I do that, the Holy Spirit communicates His love back to me and every time i remember His sacrifice, I feel his love and affection.

Ok, so maybe I got carried away in that last paragraph, but I just reminded MYSELF of WHY that time is important. So many times in the past I have tried to MAKE myself do it, because I was supposed too, but now, with the view I posted above, looking at it THAT way, makes me WANT to spend that time reading and praying and worshiping! :)

Ok, my final word for this challenge is PEACE, peace with myself, peace with God and peace with others. I thought of that word just now, because I realized that after writing the above, that is how I feel, peaceful, calm, serene (maybe cause it's bedtime? - LOL) No, really, this "word" challenge seems to have come full circle and it has led to peace!

So, hugs to all and peace out!
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