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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I completed my first prescribed or "Rx" WOD last Tuesday! WOOHOO! And here is the proof!

Yes, I actually snapped a picture of the whiteboard with my phone because I had to document proof! :) Oh, and I should explain that "Backdraft" is me. Everyone at our gym is assigned nicknames, and that is what is used to post scores on the whiteboard. Maybe it provides some comfort in anonymity - you can compare your scores without having everyone really know who is who...I'm not sure the reasoning because people generally know what people's nicknames are. Anyway, my husband got his when he first started as "L49" for the movie Ladder 49 (he is a firefighter). I didn't have one for a while until the owner had the brainstorm to give me a sort of coordinating one...hence "Backdraft". LOL

The workout that day was 10 squat cleans at 80% of your max, run one mile, then 10 more squat cleans. So basically, everyone who finished did it "Rx" but that was the first time I officially had the "Rx" after my name. YEA!!!!!

Just FYI, here is a video of what squat cleans are and as you can see from my "score", I did the relatively low weight of 53# but for me, it was hard to get that last set of 10 in, especially after my "run" (which for me is really a slow jog with some walking sprinkled in AND I was pushing my 2 year old in a jogging stroller too).

We are in the middle of a strength cycle and are going for our 1 rep maxes on different lifts this week. Yesterday we did back squats and I got a PR (personal record) at 108#. That is not a lot compared to most, but considering that not even 3 months ago I was hesitant to try anything heavier than the 33# women's bar, I was very happy! It was weird - 108# wasn't that bad and I didn't struggle, then I tried 113# and nope, I wasn't going anywhere out of my squat. LOL (Yes, our trainer was spotting me - safety first!) Here's a link to a demo:

I wanted to try to get to the gym as often as possible this week to test my one rep maxes, but I've had this yucky migraine since Sunday (stress due to job stuff), have been taking a lot of medicines to manage it, and it came back full force after my workout yesterday so I am taking today off and just going home to relax and hang out with my kiddos this evening instead, and will hopefully get to bed early.

The past week or so has been getting progressively messier and more off track eating wise, and even though I can't seem to get control again, I can definitely tell that I am not feeling super great - more tired, just "bleh" and I'm sure it is not helping the migraine situation - so I really need to get back on track, shop better, pre-plan and pre-cook. So that is how things are going! emoticon
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