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Thursday, August 29, 2013

There is something that you should all know about me if you don't. I love to cook! I am very passionate about it! My mom, who broke her back in a car accident on Christmas eve is also the "best"cook I know! So, at the site of this horrible accident, she was left barely alive, with 2 broken fingers, a broken hand, 2 compression fractures, and an incredible amount of bruising. She spent over 15 hours in 2 emergency rooms to find the extent of her injuries! So, even though I had my house taken by the bank, I knew what I had to do! I moved in with my mom to care for her, and she ended up healing my wounds. No matter how beaten and wounded we are in life, there is always someone who is alot worse! My mom was married to the same man for 65 years-I have people who probably would not be able to stand the likes of me for 15 minutes! And so my project has been to get my mom inspired enough to do what she does best, and cook! So, "pop quiz, hotshot!" What is it in this world that you are truly passionate about! That is the secret to going after this life, and becoming the incredible people we all know you are! I cannot saY YOU ARE "BEAUTIFUL' enough-it is time to quit "apologizing"for who we are, and start recognizing who we were meant to become! Rock on!!!!!
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