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The Unofficial End of Summer.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Labor Day that's what many consider the end of summer.
Memorial Day was the beginning.
School usually ends at Memorial Day and starts after Labor Day.
Although there are exceptions. I read where some states had to let kids out of classes due to extreme hot weather. Seems some states start school early, but they have no A/C and the temperatures were in the 90's., ouch!!!.
I think all schools should start after labor Day. Give the kids summer , all of summer. Just my opinion.

I'm at the Oregon coast. Weather has been a mixed bag, some sun, some drizzle, rain. But it's a beautiful place and I like it no matter the weather.

If you have ever had a beach, or shore, coast home, you might have experienced the occasional drop in unexpected guests.
They usually are people that you know and seem to think that just because they are in the area, or have been invited at an earlier time, dropping in is no problem.
Most of the time it isn't. We are very friendly. They usually don't stay long, hardly ever over night unless we ask them to.

Then there is Gus he drop's in everyday. Usually in the morning as we are having coffee on the deck. Or during the cocktail hour, which we call the hours of 4 to 7 pm. We like to gather on the deck for drinks and snacks,watch the water, sun sets, or ships out at sea.
Meet Gus, or it could be Gussie??????

Gus or Gussie the Seagull.
I seem to think he is a Gus, so I will refer to him as such.
He is very friendly, sometimes taking food from our hand. He never makes any mess, which is good. He usually only shows up when we go out on the deck.
Once I came into the living room and saw him on the railing. it was cocktail hour, so I guess he just was a little ahead of me.
I mentioned to Jimmy my BF that he's got other condos to visit but he never goes to any other deck. Jimmy said ," why should he, you feed him very well" I do buy special fish for him to eat. One can't live by bread alone.

I had looked forward to this Labor Day vacation week getaway for sometime.
I have been sort of stressed out.
All during June and July , I worked getting ready for an art/craft show.
It was held July 28 outdoors in a lovely park setting.
This was a big deal for me. It had been 6 years since had done an outdoor show.
My obesity and healthy had got so bad, I was unable set up the canopy and load and unload van for the shows. I also had to quit the Saturday Market.
I used to struggle so bad. Getting all hot, sweaty, red and my heart almost beating out of my chest. I and many others thought I was going to have a heart attack if I kept it up.
Well this time it was different. I didn't sweat, looked smashing in a fashionable outfit, wearing some of my beautiful jewelry.
I set up and in 3 hours had turned a 20 x 20 foot grassy area into a lovely setting that showcases my jewelry in a beautiful way.
I saw people from the past, was remember by many. To top it off across the path way was my Market buddy, Jerry, who I had a next door spot with for 8 years. We had always looked out for each other, since we were alone.
He told me how great I looked and marveled over the jewelry. It made for a nice day. Later as we were closing up he offered to help me pack up. I told him I could manage. Those obese. unhealthy days were behind me. But I still let him help with the canopy. He is a very nice guy.
The sales by far were more than my wildest expectation. And I have had some follow up sales.
if I hadn't had the shoulder surgery earlier this month, I would have done another show , plus one in September. As it stands now I had planned one in November and December . But my latest accident might put a damper on those plans.. Although indoor winter shows are easier to set up... No canopy , no outdoor elements. Many times the tables are already there. you just have to go in and set up your display. I can probably get help if I need it.. So I am looking forward to more good shows, sales , and inter action with the buyers. That's the part i like ., talking to potential buyers,. explaining a concept of a piece of jewelry , What the gem stone is and where it comes from. Getting the compliments isn't bad either. We all like to hear that we have done something well.

I just received a box of new gemstones and supplies, It was like Xmas opening the little packs and seeing what I had ordered . And thinking what I was going to create.

One of my suppliers , had a nice sale going on , plus if you buy quantity you great a supper discount. I was able top buy over $1,200.00 worth of stock for under $600.00. I had decided since the shows sales were so good to put some of the profits back into supplies. I always put the cost of making a piece back into more supplies. That's the only way to keep up your supplies and that enables you to keep making more.

On August 7, I had a torn rotary cuff and tendon tear repaired. Operation went smoothly. Had a nerve block, didn't feel any pain until 12 hours after surgery. Then it was hell. So glad for pain pills. I don't know how people coped back in the day when these fantastic drugs were not around.
But at the same time I don't know how one functions taking drugs daily. I guess that's why we have a drug problem in the country.
I have been in a hazy drug induced stated most of the time. I was just getting some clarity this past week, then i had an accident and it's back on drugs.

I was out with Jimmy my BF and another couple, and one of the Jimmy's grandsons Monday morning. We decide to take a short cut down a embankment. It was very steep.
I fortunately had my sling/brace on my arm, otherwise I might have torn out my staples holding the repairs together. But then Cindy who was in front of me lost her balance, i instinctively reached out with my good right arm to catch her. She was too heavy for me and I was thrown off balance and we both fell down the cliff side. Some brambles and brush eventually broke our fall. good thing for at the bottom was a pile of big pieces of driftwood, would have been bad to land on that.
As it was she has a broken arm and scratches, I have nicks, scratches an threw my back completely out. I could not stand, walk or hardly move. The pain was off the charts.. Got checked out to see if any thing broke . I have to make a decision about a operation to repair some torn disks. Think the doctor said crushed . Had a MRI.
I had decided that the shoulder repair was going to be the last operation. I have had it. I can't or won't go through anymore . Even through my right shoulder had needed some repair. And after the accident it hurts worse. i seemed to have pulled it trying to hold Cindy from falling. Almost dislocated it.
So right now I am in pretty bad shape. One arm in a sling/brace, the other arm in a sling, a brace on my back and using a pain patch. I had got stomach problem's from too many pain pills.
When I look back on the day, I can only feel thankful that we escaped with the injuries we have. It could have been so much worse.

I have asked Jimmy to log on for me and keep me current on Spark. but I have been unable to do much more. Most hours are spent doped up or sleeping.

My little dog Titan has hardly left my side. he goes out for a walk with Jimmy but as soon as he's through with his business, Jimmy says he wants to head back home. Titan just want to snuggle up next to me.
Jimmy's Golden Retriever, Buddy, has tried to get up and snuggle too. But she is just too big for me to handle right now. But I still let her up and she seems to know she can't lay on me, so she lays at the foot of the bed. It's so cute to see us all stretched out watching the golf or US Open Tennis games. At least I have that this week to amuse me.

Well It's past time for me to take a pill and stop this pain that's taking over my life. It feels good to stretch out and take the pressure off the spine.

I hope you all are enjoying the last days of Summer. I have noticed the leaves are starting to turn. I love Fall, it's my favorite time of year.
I feel so lucky to live in an area that experiences the changing seasons.

Take care dear Spark friends. If I haven't got back to you lately, it's been unavoidable. Sorry. you all mean a great deal to me. Think of you often. I always wonder where the ones who used to be so active are. Sometime they just drop out of sight. Miss them. Hope they are doing well.

Be strong, stay positive..
If I can , you can.
Peace and Love
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    So sorry to hear about your injuries. Hope you will continue to heal and be better soon!
    2690 days ago
  • FRANCO1230
    (((((((HUGS)))))))) ....but not too tight, of course. emoticon
    Praying for recovery of all your "parts". If anyone can get through all this and come out the other side better & stronger, it's you!
    2691 days ago
    I always considered Memorial Day the beginning of summer and Labor Day the end too but the schools here have nothing to do with those days. School is often over here anywhere from the first week in may until the first week in June. It restarts in mid August. So weird. The poor kids get ripped off. Here they have lengthened the school day too. It gets longer and longer.

    Gus is adorable. I would be feeding him as well.

    I have been stressed out as well. For over 2 years now. LOL.

    Your jewelry business sounds great. I like ventures like this that are creative and make money too.

    I am so sorry to hear about your injury, GF. You are lucky you weren't killed!! I will be praying for you to have a speedy complete recovery. emoticon
    2695 days ago
  • QTEALADY20031
    Tisha, I just knew your craft show would be a huge success! I am so sorry to hear about all these latest injuries. You are in my prayers and please heal soon dear friend! emoticon emoticon June
    2696 days ago
    Well, Superwoman, I hope you heal up soon. My neurologist swears that back surgery doesn't do any good, and I have seen at least two articles that say two years later the surgery patients aren't in any better shape than the ones who didn't have it. I did recover from a herniated disk - saw the picture and couldn't believe how far it was sticking out, but after two or three years I was back to normal. Losing weight was a big help there, so maybe you will recover without surgery and with the proper physical therapy. Good luck.
    2697 days ago
  • KITT52
    emoticon ---get well soon

    and I agree kids need the whole summer off....lol
    2698 days ago
    Tisha -
    Glad you did well at the craft show in July! Sorry to hear about your accident!
    Hope you heal quickly! Glad you have Jimmy there to help you and Titan to cuddle with. emoticon

    2698 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/30/2013 10:19:47 PM
    What a saga - I was really enjoying your tale until it turned into a tale of INJURIES. Praying and hoping you recover completely and soon.
    2698 days ago
    So sorry this happened Tisha. Will be praying for you.

    I remember when my mom said 'no more surgeries', but sometimes they just can't be helped. It's better than living in pain...

    Take care. And say a big emoticon to Jimmy, Titan, Buddy and Gus for keeping you company during this time when you're laid up! emoticon
    2698 days ago
    Oh no emoticon

    Hope you heal up fast !
    2698 days ago
  • SPEEDY143
    Gentle emoticon emoticon so sorry you and Cindy fell and were injured... glad Jimmy and your furry babies are taking good care of you emoticon You've had a full successful summer and sound optimistic about the shows in the late fall and early winter. emoticon emoticon I am sending healing vibes and lots of OOO & XXX... stay positive honey emoticon
    2698 days ago
    Dear Tish, I'm sorry about your accident and that you're in so much pain. That just isn't right. I am praying that you start gently mending and find some relief. I loved hearing your Oregon and Jewelry stories. Please be easy on yourself, and don't over do it. Take care, Jackie O
    2699 days ago
    Dear Tisha;
    I always enjoy reading your blogs!Oregon Coast is a beautiful place to live.I have visited there several times and think that the beache's are just gorgeous!What fun to read about your 'summer guest' Gus!With a' menu' of bread and fish he is indeed a lucky bird! emoticon
    Sounds like you will be a busy lady over the fall and winter with making beautiful and original jewelery!
    I am sorry about your fall and that you are suffering with so much pain.
    I too love The Fall with the spectacular colors and a bit cooler temperatures.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    Wishing you a speedy recovery! emoticon
    Marianne. emoticon
    2699 days ago
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