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What does it take?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Today I got to thinking about what it takes to be successful. I was thinking not just about my business but about this journey and other things. I was trying to figure out if I had what it takes to get the job done.

Sometimes it can feel like I am working really hard at things and that they seem to be clicking on all cylinders. Other times it feels like someone threw a rock in the gears and I am screeching to a halt.

This week, so far, I feel like I have the hiccups! lol I have some pretty good days and then other days, well let's just say that they aren't so good. I mean I start out well and then I lose my footing and I seem to allow the slipping to become like a bobsled race! COOL RUNNINGS!! Yeah if you don't understand that reference, that is from the movie Cool Runnings. Great movie by the way.

So now back to having what it takes. I have the desire to lose this weight. I have the need to lose this weight. I have past experience losing weight. The question I put to myself is where is my determination? What is the level of determination that I have right now?

I will admit that I have been lazy in the food tracking area. I have struggled with this for a while. I wish it were easier! I hate to calculate recipes and I get frustrated when I can't figure out how to track foods. I have to let that excuse go and just track the foods. If I get hung up, I shouldn't give up but do the best that I can. This is not a test. This is not a "all or nothing" situation. Tracking the food is something that will help me see what and how much I am eating. If I find that I can't figure something out, I am going to just list it in my personal journal along with any bites of food that I haven't been tracking.

What does it take? It takes many positive steps each day to move me in the right direction. It takes not giving up when things don't do right. It takes getting up and doing the exercise even when you don't want to do it. It takes, focusing on the present day and not fretting about the long road ahead. It takes celebrating each and every pound (or partial pound) lost. It takes reaching out to your friends for support as well as giving support back in return. It takes a positive outlook and lots of positive words.

When tomorrow greets you, how will you greet it back? Will you pull the covers over your head and hide or will you jump up with a smile on your face determined to make it a good day? What is it going to take? For me, it is going to take a daily push to get into the right mind set. It is going to take a daily reminder that TODAY IS THE DAY OF SUCCESS! It is going to take one step at a time. It is going to take constant reminders that I am able to do what it takes to get the job done.

I may be having some hiccups this week but I really feel like I am making progress. I have seen progress not only on this journey but in other areas and that makes me happy happy happy!! Yep I am a Duck Dynasty fan! lol

I know that I can't sit here and wish myself to 150 pounds. Well I could sit here and wish it but nothing is going to get better. In fact, it would probably just get worse. I have to DO what it takes in order to get there! I have to DO my best. I have to NOT give up. I have to take the good with the bad and just keep pressing forward!

I am very happy with my week. No it isn't the best week I have had but I have made progress and THAT is the main thing! I may or may not show a loss on the scale but I have shown progress in other areas that are just as important! The scale is always the last to know what it going on but I know that it will eventually get with the program!

Much love!
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    We know you can do it, Susan! I have faith that not only can you, but that you WILL do it. :D
    2566 days ago
  • KIPPER15
    emoticon Happy, Happy, Happy (love Duck Dynasty too)
    2572 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    2573 days ago
    2573 days ago
  • CARMEL_466
    You definitely have what it takes. I know emoticon !!!
    2574 days ago
    We can do it. I hear you on the tracking it has been my downfall I forget or I have a cheat day and say no I don't want to track so I have been doing really good this week I am determined. emoticon emoticon
    2574 days ago
  • POPSY190
    A lot of insight here and I think you will have struck a chord or two with the rest of us. I know you have with me! So thank you for the reminders and good luck, especially with your food tracking! I like your background!
    2574 days ago
    2575 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8041482
    2575 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12915503
    Wow. Sounds a lot like what goes thru my head most days, and I end up beyond frustrated. Between finances and my health I dont know which tries to drag me down more. But- I dont give up, I keep trying, keep aiming for those goals.
    And I'm like you - I hate calucating recipiues and so on. I like to cook, and I cook for 5 of us. My biggest problem - portions portions portions. But we've got 2 extra sets of measuring cups, and switched my wife and I to smaller (7 inch) plates. Its a small thing- but it helps! Good luck - and stay positive!
    2575 days ago
    Cool runnings is awesome! Loved the reference!

    Okay, I would spaz when stuff doesn't have nutrition info available, but you know what I learned? Our bodies are counting every exact calorie. No matter what our trackers show, we can't fool our bodies. Tracking is a tool for us to SEE what we are doing. So just get as close as you can. If you have to make substitutions or you miss a bite, your body will know, your log might be off a little bit, but you will still be in the habit of tracking. :)

    If wishing burned a lot of calories you and I would both be at our goals. emoticon
    2575 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14034154
    AMEN!!! What a fantastic blog!!!

    You've hit the nail right on the head, and when people do that, I love to see it put down in black and white, because it's there for the WHOLE WORLD TO SEE, AND YOU CAN'T TAKE IT BACK!!!

    You just encouraged me so much this morning, and I'm so blessed to have read your blog. Keep on keeping on and YOU DO HAVE THE VICTORY!!! Scale or no scale. LOL

    Be blessed,

    - Nancy Jean -
    2575 days ago
    Go for it!!! emoticon
    2575 days ago
    2575 days ago
    Thanks, 'cause I really needed to hear this at this point! I agree. it helps MUCH to hear this sensible message of rational, positive thinking from outside my own head just now.
    emoticon emoticon
    2575 days ago
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