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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Well, I have done everything I can do in order to start substitute teaching. All we are waiting on now is my background check to come back. I've turned in all the papers, I've even gotten my Statement of Eligibility to teach back in the mail and turned in, etc... Gotten in the training, and once the background check comes back, I SHOULD be added to the list right away! I am a little impatient as I am excited to get started! :)

I was reminded of another job I had heard about before, but did not know much about. It is through AmeriCorps and it is called "A-Team". Basically, they go in the schools and work in reading and math intervention with students at risk. It's not in my local school district, but in one about 30-45 or so minutes away. Many people who are teachers live in this county and drive to that one to work and I had planned on applying for a teaching job there at some point anyway! Anyway, I contacted a person I knew who had done the job before and got some contact information and found out that while all the positions are filled at this point, there is a chance that they will receive more funding (should find out this week sometime) and there would be some positions open up in the county I spoke of. There are several benefits to this job and would definitely get my foot in the door in the school I would be assigned to. I went ahead and applied and am waiting to hear back from them about whether or not they get the funding...

I am not sure the job would be best for me if I don't get full-time, BUT, I am leaving it in God's hands! He knows what is best for me at this time and if even working part-time would open the door to full-time next year or possibly even a teaching job. Perhaps, God knows it would be best for me to simply sub this year at my local school district, like I have applied to do...

New subject:

Morning routine is still shaky right now. Getting up at 5am has really affected me this week and it seems it is all I can do to stay awake most of the day! HOWEVER, I was off work yesterday and today and had no outside obligations or much of anything I had to commit to doing, so that makes it harder. Hubby helped me out some yesterday by getting me up and helping me do chores around the house. Still yet, I have taken a morning nap both days and so far, all I get done is getting up, exercising and eating breakfast...

I'm not giving up, I struggled when I moved it from 6 to 5:30 and then I was getting used to it and decided I needed to add more to it, but now, I am "getting used to it" again, so gonna do what I can, but not stress over what I am NOT doing... It will come with time and once I start subbing, etc... I will kind of be forced to move the routine along a little bit! :) Whatever I can do now to get the routine going, will just help me when the time comes!

I went ahead and turned in my new availability hours at work starting next Monday. That way, if the background check comes in soon I will be able to accept jobs right away and if it takes a little longer, then, I will have it all set up at work and ready to go!

I was turning it in at work and the manager I gave it to, asked if I was sure, because my hours might be cut and subbing was not guaranteed. Well, I feel at peace with it right now... I felt led to start subbing again and I believe that God is going to take care of the whole situation and help me do what is best for me and my family. Besides, if he works me my available hours, I will still get almost as many or even as much as I'm getting right now! Here are my available hours I gave him:

Monday: 4-10 pm
Tuesday: 4-10 pm
Wednesday: Unavailable
Thursday: 4-10 pm
Friday: 4-10 pm
Saturday: anytime
Sunday: 1-6 pm

Without Saturdays, that gives me 29 hours, just what I have listed and he will most likely work me a full shift on Saturdays anyway and give me another day off. I haven't mentioned the AmeriCorps job at work, because I have no idea yet if it's a possibility or not! They might not even get the funding!
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    2762 days ago
    I'm glad that you're doing everything that you can to help yourself. I love that you are pushing yourself to work your new morning routine. I'll pray that the right job come along for you whether it be the substitute teaching or the A-Team or something else that God has in store for you. emoticon
    2764 days ago
    I'm glad to hear more about your hopes for these different job possibilities. I didn't realize you had a heart to teach. Blessings to you as you pursue your dreams!

    2765 days ago
    2766 days ago
    Shan, I hadn't heard anything for a while about your hopes for teaching--so glad for this update! I am sure God will be leading you & providing what you need. It's great that you can shift available hours at your current job to allow flexibility when teaching--either option--opens up.

    And good for you for just figuring out what you need to adapt to the earlier rising time. You are doing great!

    2766 days ago
    2766 days ago
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