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My battle with the scale

Friday, September 27, 2013

My name is Carling, and I'm a chronic weigher. Seriously, this is a sickness! At least I think so. My fitness and new lifestyle has become a complete obsession for me. Others must get sick of hearing it, (my husband especially) but I can't help myself! One of the things that controls my life the most is my obsession with the scale.

I know I have done really well so far in such a short period of time, but I still care way too much about what the scale says at all times of the day (and night!) I honestly weigh myself between 10 and 12 times a day. Doing this for so long, I typically know what my "normals" are throughout the day. I obviously know that I weigh more at night and more when I drink a crap ton of water (at first), but I still have to see the number. I don't let the scale dictate my self worth or how I feel about my journey or myself, but it does get frustrating at times. I have let it keep me from eating things I'm craving, which I guess is a good thing. I also help it determine how much I need to work out.

I have tried putting the scale away so I don't see it, but it is HARD! I've never done crack, but I feel like this is what a crack addict would feel like if they didn't have any. Seriously though, I feel like I traded my addiction to food with my addiction to the scale. I guess that's how I justify continuing doing the excessive weighing all of these months. I have a rule that I never track unless I lose, because if I tracked at every weigh-in, I might just lose my mind. I know I'm still eating healthy and within my limits and working out regularly, but when it comes to waiting for my eyes to clear up in the middle of the night so I can read the number of the scale after I get up to use the restroom, I know this is not normal!!! Does anyone else have this obsession? If so, do you think it helps or hinders you? I'm to the point where I feel it does both :-/
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  • SANDY1969
    Before I found you on the Fit Bit group I was thinking of writing this exact same blog, and I might yet when I get home from work this evening. For me I have areas I can expand on this such as the irony of staynig as far away from scales as possible for years, to end up falling in love with a man that works on them for a living. lol. I used to weigh myself several times a day. Now I am down to just once a day. Every morning after a bathroom trip. Sad to say I let it dictate my mood (and efforts) far too much.
    2452 days ago
    I used to think it hindered me, but actually now a days I find it helpful. I used to only weigh in once a month, but now I am more of a 5 times a week-5 times a day kinda girl.. I am no longer defined by the number I see, it's powerless, merely information about my body that I find interesting at best and occasionally confusing. But I have gotten used to the fact that occasionally things get out of wack for no reason I can explain, but very quickly they get back on track...

    I would say as long as you can treat the number as information eventually you will get bored and stop with the 12 times a day. but if you are allowing your day to be defined by what you see on a scale, perhaps time to give your scale to someone you love and only weigh in once a week at their house... that's just how I functioned though!
    2752 days ago
    I weigh myself nearly everyday an I thought that was bad but as u said it keeps me accountable and I also only track when its a lose unless it stays up for awhile but I think 10-12 times it abit much. I hope u can maybe get it under control.
    2755 days ago
    I'm not trying to be mean but I am SOOO glad I don't weigh that many times a day. I don't even weigh once a day. I go by SP's offical advice and weigh once a week and measure once a month and that sits well with me emotionally and physically.

    If you feel like the habit you have trained yourself into is too emotionally overwhelming you could try to slowly retrain yourself.... if it's really an addictive behavior logically me just saying oh it's easy just weigh once a day or even once a week will not help bc you won't be able to do it without extreme stress or "cheating" anyhow. With learning how to deal with my emotional attachment to food, I've realized addiction is more mental than I thought.

    If you feel it's worth it (bc you can't heal from emotional or physical addiction unless you want to change, not someone else wanting you to change) You may need to figure out why you need that emotional attachment to the scale so badly. Is it being afraid to trust the process? Do you feel guilty bc you think you ate the wrong thing or didn't exercise enough everyday? Whatever it is... that is what you have to figure out how to change... I mean to make a plan to ease your guilt and fears by doing something other than religiously weighing yourself which is covering up or justifying your emotional needs/wants.

    By doing something I mean physically and mentality. It's calorie in vs. out which makes you lose or gain weight. If you are mentally aware every day of the steps you take to see that happen, tracking religiously instead of weighing religiously or wearing a pedometer to make sure you move enough during the day and especially if you don't making sure you get exercise in then maybe the number on the scale can become mentally more of a technicality for you and then you might step back and see that you don't really need or want to weigh that many times a day to get the results you want.

    As I said, I weigh once a week. I don't have a perfect diet or exercise regime either I just make plans, track, and stick to them.Therefore its possible to lose the weight only weighing once a week... I'm up at the 39 pounds lost mark. Can't wait to break 40 which will be making a personal record for me as the most weight I've ever lost in my life and counting since my overall goal is 120 some pounds lost :-)

    You are doing a great job.. so much better than me ... you don't have as much to worry about as you think :-)
    2755 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/27/2013 3:04:26 PM
  • THOMS1
    You are going to drive yourself crazy!!! I used to weigh just once a week but lately have changed to weighing every morning after my morning rituals. It keeps me aware of how I am doing but, if you cannot handle the fluctuations than don't do it. I can't imagine weighing myself more than once a day. I think you should put that scale away and just settle for non scale victories for now until you can accept fluctuations.
    2755 days ago
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