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Days 4-5-6-7! There may have been some Suck....

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Rather than posting every individual day, I'll just tally it all as of Day 7 (Monday):

~~!*!~~ ~~!*!~~ ~~!*!~~ ~~!*!~~ ~~!*!~~

***~**Suck-Free October DAY 7**~***

Days all food tracked: 7/31
Days in calorie range: 3/26 (yep. ZERO/last 4 days in range. the shame)
Days under 2000 cal: 5/29 (2 were over 2000! boo!)
Protein over 90g: 4/14
Fiber in range: 3/23
Took vitamins: 3/31

Cups of water: 4/ 8
Total water: 49 /248

Fruit & Veggie servings: 3/6
Total F/V in October: 33 /190

Workout days: 3/15 total
Strength training days: 1/5

~~!*!~~ ~~!*!~~ ~~!*!~~ ~~!*!~~ ~~!*!~~

Eh. I kind of went insane! But I at least partially blame my Insane Weekend Of Insanity.

Friday I ended up working REALLLLY late prepping for Saturday - I worked until 12am AT work and then until 2am at home! So that threw my eating & sleeping schedules wayyyy off. "dinner" was initially junk from the vending machine at ~7pm, and then I ate again when I got home because I was starving. So that was horrible.

Saturday started 6am with a huge coffee (+milk & sugar) because - I WAS UP TIL FREAKING 2AM SHEESH, went out to lunch with a friend where I ate too much (but SO enjoyed it. possibly worth it!) and then I went to a wedding. I probably ate the least I have ever eaten at a wedding! But the day was already a disaster so even being careful was not saving it. hahaha.

Left the wedding around 10pm, then my GPS decided to try and murder me (WHY???) and sent me through the Lincoln tunnel.... should've ignored it and taken my usual route, but I thought "Hey, maybe it knows something I don't!" and if you've ever seen some poor moron caught between a cab and a bajillion pedestrians in Times Square at 12am, they're probably there because their GPS is trying to kill them. I HATE MIDTOWN OMG. But by the time I realized I was being Lincoln Tunnel'd it was farrrrr too late. So that added a lovely 45 minutes to my commute, oh joy. (sidebar: New York is a hellhole... -running joke between me & husby, born & bred New Yorker.)

So yeah. Got to MIL's at around 1am? I forget... Went to sleep. Got up at 5:50am to get ready for the race!

I was walking with husby's cousin & her friend who were doing the half marathon (there was giant confusion about this - cousin thought she accidentally signed up for the half, because our bibs were different colors, but it was just the different waves so she joined me in the 5k at the last possible second. LMAO. it was TOTAL CHAOS) & they were kind of chilling because the half started later. I wasn't worried because I was 3rd wave, and other races I've done the waves are ~10 min apart. These were apparently ONE minute apart, because friend checked on her phone and was like "Your wave starts at 7:48." It was 7:46. So yeah. The SPRINT TO THE START LINE? was not helping my form or pacing or any of that business. I felt exhausted and slow and terrible for most of the race. I think I got a decent pacing and felt okay around mile 0.5-1, but other than that, torture. It was REALLY HUMID so even though it was only 70 degrees I felt like I was overheating to death. WHY IS IT SO STICKY? EW!!

It was fun though. There were a bunch of really funny high spirited volunteers throughout the course cheering us one. There was this one older guy with a megaphone who was getting really Girl Power, it was hilarious. Not to mention the guy near the end who was like "just another half mile, then you get a hug from a fireman!" I was like "we know, why do you think we're here?" & he goes "Heck, that's why *I'M* here!" LOL. awesome.

Just before the finish line we got a feather boa + tiara. After the finish line we got water (mine came from an adorable 12 year old police officer. I appreciated the cute boys in uniform, I just didn't know they let middle schoolers on the force. Either that or I'm officially old.), a medal AS PROMISED from a hot shirtless man, champagne, a rose, and not as promised but a welcome surprise - a giant cookie. Awesome! So I ate my cookie & drank my champagne, and then I came out of the Huge Gauntlet Of Presents & there was a woman with a 4 month old puppy, so OF COURSE being me I'm like "CAN I PLEASE PET YOUR DOG RIGHT NOW?" In case husby + cousin were wondering what was taking me so long, have you met me? I'm sitting on the ground snoogling a puppy.

(I do this so often husby & I have a code for it: "Where were you?" "Surprise Puppy." "ah." "Surprise Puppy" = you went somewhere there is not usually a dog, and there was a dog, so you had to stop and pet it. Also = best day ever.)

So the race was fun. Cousin was like "okay, what race are we doing next?" LOL. Turkey Trot will be next for me, I'm just not sure what state I'll be in at the time.

How did my ridiculous sewing injury fare? Okay. The cut itself was fine; what ended up happening was chafing of the skin all around the edges of the bandaid. I was in pain after about mile 2, and thought my cut was opening up. After getting home & going to get in the shower I learned otherwise! When I took the giant bandaid off a little skin came with it. UGH. So I carefully cleaned and rebandaged, putting the new bandage in a different orientation. Didn't help, I got new abrasions around that bandaid too, just walking around the house on Sunday. So now I'm bandageless, waiting for all these little skinned areas to heal. I was impressed the flap was almost entirely closed after only 3 days though! Just now I have to deal with the aftermath of the treatment being worse than the disease.

I had planned on napping Sunday but I was wide awake after running 3 miles so I went to see a friend.

Food was terrible Sunday because a giant cookie wasn't enough to fill me up, and then my only options were to wait half the day or have breakfast at the House Of Carbs. So that was not the greatest. Sunday was my best day calorie wise - I was only over calories by a tiny bit, like 30 calories or so. But veggies & fiber were low.

Yesterday was my awesome day off. I watched a lot of movies and took a lot of naps. I also made myself pancakes for breakfast (with turkey sausage to try and get SOME protein in). Which led to eating a couple of the leftover pancakes for lunch. And all the lying around and being lazy, but also the ouchie abrasions issue, led to me not wanting to cook dinner. So I ate a lot of carbs a few plums and an apple. so pathetic...

I've got chicken in the crock pot + everything to make a really tasty lentil stew, so I should be good on protein & veggies tonight for dinner, plus have some good leftovers. Part of my issues stem from the fact that my leftovers stash has kind of dwindled to mostly tuna noodle casserole, which is kind of high carb low protein so I never want to eat it. Hahaha. Now I know, that's not a good option unless I put way more protein in & only make a half batch. Or have some additional protein on the side.

I'm going to put in some thought tonight on what else would be good for the rest of this week - probably some crock pot stuff - and I did buy a bunch of frozen veggies Sunday night on the way home from my friend's, so that should help.

I know I sort of fell down all over the place, but I'm also not planning to let it derail my entire week.

OH and I almost forgot: I don't know my race finishing time because of the starting line chaos with almost missing my race with the wave times, and weird things they do with the clock for the different waves. So I'll have to wait until they post it online. But I did win a prize of my own choosing:

As I grabbed a cup of water from a volunteer at one of the water stations, the little 8 year old girl next to her looked at me with big big eyes and said "... I *LOVE* your poof..."

BEST TUTU PRIZE! Is best awarded by an 8yo girl, in my personal opinion.


I did get many compliments from grown up women as well, and even one of the Hot Shirtless Men at the finish line. SUCCESS!

My insane weirdo scale this morning weighed me in at 250.3 - WOOOOT! I didn't weigh myself again, because of how it likes to change its mind. LOL. Thankyouverymuch,Iwillbegoingn

All in all a crazy, overfed, but otherwise fun weekend.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You look so cute in your tutu. i'm glad the race turned out great hey insane is my middle name or weirdo. I do prefer crazy dork but say what you will. LOL
    2372 days ago
  • TREP13
    Wait...did you do the Divas 5K??? I ran the half-marathon a couple of years ago and it was so, so, so much fun! Mostly because of the firemen and the swag but still, I had a blast. Anyway, great job on your race!!!

    Also, surprise puppy is hilarious. I'm going to start using that.
    2373 days ago
    oh the lincoln tunnel. lol
    2373 days ago
    LOVE the blog. Boo for over calories, but eh. It happens. Hot shirtless guys? Hmm...that might make it worth going to new, no it wouldn't. Imagine Broadway in a 72' 80,000lb rig. Yeah. Never again.

    The tutu is fabulous! And you can come pet our doggies any time you want :-)

    2374 days ago
  • _MOBII_
    I never get surprise puppies :( the only surprise dogs I see are either service dogs (which I don't pet), or barking at me like they wanna eat my face off :(

    Your run sounds like it went great and of course it did there were shirtless guys! But even so, you did a fantastical job and I love your tutu!
    2374 days ago
  • MINEA999
    I love your tutu too! So pretty!

    I didn't know you were that close to NYC. I've heard that it's a nice place to visit, wouldn't wanna live there. I've only been there once and I would concur. I'd like to visit again, but hell to the no would I want to live there!

    Reign this disastrous weekend in and make it a great week! Pull up your bootstraps missy!
    2374 days ago
    sounds like fun times in the tunnel, lol
    2374 days ago
    You look great in your tutu! Glad you have a wonderful time, and I LOVE Surprise Puppy!
    2374 days ago
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