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FIND SOMETHING ELSE! Brain & Body Connection

Thursday, October 17, 2013

I have always known that your brain controls everything...change your attitude and change your thoughts patterns and change your life!

Well...the findings on my condition are sort of like that. It seems when you have pain for so long, that when damaged nerves grow back and are more sensitive so your brain sends the signal to tell you it hurts, when maybe it's not so bad. Makes me think of Aunt who always has something wrong with her! LOL If she reads about it, she has it!

So..we are actually "playing" with some anti-depressants and some nerve and muscle meds...we tried the later and they wanted me to take 3...I took 1/2 and felt like a zombie! I can't imagine 3! So I stopped taking them and told them to find something else. Then they gave me this antidepressant and wanted me to take 1 a day at night...well..again..REALLY tired. So I tried 1/2...still too sleepy and actually made me unmotivated and blah. So I stopped those...find something else I said again!

Then I saw the Muscular Skeletal specialist and he gave me a cortisone shot in my shoulder...which..I don't think really worked or did anything, so I see him again next week...but he is all about that mind and body connection and that my brain is sending the wrong signals to my body...it's fascinating actually.

Then I went back to my Dr. and we discussed meds again...and he's waiting for the specialist again because he has some specific ideas....so being the person I am, I analyzed and documented everything I feel everyday...and then I realized that if I take meds at night, sleep for 8-11 hours a night, and get up and feel like zombie, what would happen if I took the meds at 10 or 11 AM...would I be sleepy when I SHOULD be sleepy??? It has helped with pain so I know they are on the right track and that's why I revisited the meds. Well 1/2 a pill the last 2 days and I feel perfect and my pain is minimal...hmmmm...we shall see where it goes next week.

I think when you know your body so well, and you trust your instincts there's a reason. We found out 90% of people can take 3 and walk around like normal...I'm a weirdo and am SUPER sensitive to meds...I reflected and realized I always have been.

I was also told a LONG time ago that 80% of back pain is emotional...I thought "whatever!"...well...over the years I can tell you when I'm going through crap my back pain is worse. So that's part of the solution as well. Stress reduction, medication to help my anxiety, and a therapist to talk to since I'm in this country alone going through lots of stuff that I have nobody to vent to...get my head straight and I can get my body back to lifting weights again...my goal. I miss it so much...especially since I work in a gym and am a trainer! LOL AHHHHHH!

Now..if you're still reading, I debated about writing about this junk...but I have talked to a couple people and it seems MOST people, believe their doctors and do EXACTLY what they say even if their gut is telling them to question it or your body doesn't like it. There are heaps of meds...they can find something else. If it makes you feel worse...FIND SOMETHING ELSE. If it's causing you weight gain....I weigh myself everyday and I eat almost perfect and I noticed I was gaining 2 oz everyday...NO WAY...FIND SOMETHING ELSE! You may think that's crazy...but I caught it quick...I put on 30 pounds in 3 weeks when I was on my way to my heaviest due to medication!...so I watch. Are you going to the toilet on a regular basis...how do you feel??? NOT LIKING IT????? FIND SOMETHING ELSE! Or find someone else to help you!

Have a great week, listen to your soul and stay positive! xoxo
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  • no profile photo CD12068091
    I firmly believe in listening to the body so I love your cautious approach. Everyone teases me because I only need one Advil instead of two for a headache. If I take two you know its a bad one. emoticon
    2739 days ago
    I did NOT like this blog; I LOVED IT!!! I swear we could be CLONES by the way we think & feel about our own gut & feelings about health solutions for us. Each person is so individual we can't rely on a 1 stop dr. cure all with pills that treat the masses. Kudos to you for dealing with chronic pain...always see what works for you...& above all...keep trying until you find a solution...

    It is great that your interests & background are in health & fitness...you can inspire & mentor people to stick with a positive spirit through that mind/body connection.

    I'd love to chat & compare journeys,

    Best wishes to you from Canada,

    Sandi emoticon
    2740 days ago
    this is very true, people think the doctor knows everything, but they really don't. good for you for advocating for yourself!
    2740 days ago
    Awesome! Always look and try to do what works best for you! That's a good reason to find a doctor that you have a good relationship with - they won't take offense to when you want to make a change!! :-) Good for you - hope you find the perfect combo to help you feel better!!
    2740 days ago
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