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Details on my House Fire.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Woke up before 4 am this morning. The hotel has a computer so I thought I would let me friends know a little bit more about what happened.

About 8:30 Friday morning my husband was working on a boat in the garage. He works on one thing or another all the time. He did the usual soaking the boat down with water and had fire extinguishers (2) on hand. He was using a saw inside the boat a spark hit the drained of gas engine and wham it went up.

I was inside getting ready for a Walmart trip and heard him yell. Something about the yell was more than the yell of smashing his thumb. I Opened the house garage door and saw that we had a fire. A bad one, it blew up at some point too.

He told me to call 911. Someone walking by screamed at us that we would not be able to put this out. I started into the house and remembered my birds were in the back part of the garage where their day area with tv and videos and stands are. I didn't call 911 but ran back to get them. Birds die from smoke inhalation faster than humans. I got halfway to there and out of the smoke and fire came my husband with a bird under each arm, cradled like footballs. In my photos you can see how big these birds are. Anyway, I grabbed them and ran back into the house for a stand. The house by this time was filling with smoke and the alarms were blaring . I had to risk putting them outside on the patio and hope they didn't fly away with fear.

By this time the man walking by had entered the home and was assisting my 92 year old mom (who wanted her shoes and purse before she would go). It goes on from there. I guess there is an entire video of the fire filmed by the fire dept. If you are interested it is at and you type in 3300 or Iroquois and you can see it. I started to, but when they were talking about a female still inside (which was me on the back porch with the birds) I started to cry.

We all got out alive. We will be out of the house for 6 months. The firefighters here are amazing. They saved all the furniture that was in danger and carried it outside. Did you know they do that?

Tomorrow I will write more about that.

Please pray we find a home soon to live in while our house is being restored. But we already got the biggest gift from God, we are alive and so are our pets. Oh yes, somewhere in there I grabbed the dog, or that man did that was walking by so Brody is okay too.

Later my friends. I find this comforting for some unknown reason, to write this down.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • MARY1313
    Oh no! I'm so glad everyone and the Perry's got out ok! I've lived through a fire so i know how unsettled and displaced you must be feeling!
    2523 days ago
    I am so glad that you are ok!
    2524 days ago
    Debby big hugs!! So glad you *all* and the pets are well!! Bless your Dear Mom and Your Dear Husband too!! I imagine he feels terrible.
    2540 days ago
    waaah , sorry I was so late! I'm glad you and the birds were ok emoticon I'll go check the other blog emoticon
    2552 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6329775
    I just read this today.... the 24th. I am so sorry this happened, but glad everyone was safe.

    How are you doing? Would like to know.....
    2554 days ago
  • TANYA602
    Oh my gosh, D, I just happened upon this and my heart breaks. I am so glad you are all safe, but truly, what a scare. Keep us posted and let us know if there is anything you need.
    2554 days ago
  • SUN_SET91
    I am so sorry to hear of your experience. Praise God that you were able to get everyone and all pets out ok. I pray for peace and comfort in this time as well as a place to call home for the time yours is being restored. I also pray that you and your family are doing well both physically and emotionally. Though I have never had this happen to me, a family in our church lost everything including pets in a house fire a few years ago. Then a few months later lost their special needs daughter. It is a hard thing to go through. You are in my thoughts and prayers. emoticon emoticon
    2555 days ago
    Thank God your are all safe. I hope you find a temporary home soon. The fire service are amazing. emoticon
    2555 days ago
    So glad everyone is out safely! God bless!
    2556 days ago
  • SHARON10002
    I am so very sorry that your family had to experience this, but also thanked God while I was reading that your family and pets got out safely. I will keep your family in my prayers and believe that God will find you a temporary house very soon.
    2556 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13408084
    So glad everyone (human and furry) got out of the house ok. That would be so scary! I will keep the most positive thoughts for you and your family to have a place to stay that's not a hotel room soon!!
    2556 days ago
    Dear Debby,
    Praying for you and your family as you go through this difficult time. We lost my mom's home to a grass fire a few years ago so I have an inkling of how you must be feeling. God bless and keep all of you and your precious birds and dog. You are a strong woman and you will make it through this.
    God Bless,
    2557 days ago
  • FREES1
    Great that you could find some solace or peace from writing about that horrific experience - and great that you are all out alive and hopefully well.. so awesome that your neighbor came to your aid and may you quickly find a place to live while your home is being restored.. be well - take care - know we are there in spirit even if we can't be for real
    Shine on Star!
    2557 days ago
    Been through that - hope you have as good friends around you as we did. Everyone out safe is the main thing. Hang on to that fact when all else is too much to handle.
    2557 days ago
    OMG! I'm glad to hear you are all ok. How frightening. My heart & prayers are with you. emoticon
    2557 days ago
    That is scary and glad that all of you got out and are fine. Praying that you will find a home that will take animals too.
    2557 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2475290
    I know how you must be feeling -- for the last day of June 2013 we had to evacuate our home in Yarnell, AZ when there was a forest fire. We lost everything except our furbabies, as we had only about 5 minutes to get out. It is terrifying to be sure. When we left the fire was only about 50 ft away, and looked like it was 40 feet tall.

    Ours was a total loss, but Thank God you were able to save most of your furniture. Good luck dealing with the insurance company.
    2557 days ago
  • FISHER011
    You are in my thoughts & prayers, as is your family!
    2557 days ago
  • JET150
    How terrifying. I am glad you are all alive, and I'm hoping unhurt. I too will keep you in my good thoughts and prayers!
    2557 days ago
    What a horrifying experience! And you had a good Samaritan help your Mom.

    I have seen firefighters carry out furniture. I saw them set up a kitchen table and chairs in the backyard, It had everything there ready for lunch!

    Glad you are all safe! chris
    2557 days ago

    Oh, I am so sorry you are going through this but so happy that you, your hubby and pets came out alive through it all. That must have been awful to witness. I will pray that you find a nice home in the interim and that your house will be fully restored. I am thinking of you with care. emoticon
    2557 days ago
  • SUNSHINE20113
    Oh my word. So glad that you and your family and all your pets are safe, and will keep you in my thoughts as you start to work through what needs to happen now.
    2558 days ago
    My gosh, I'm so glad to hear that everyone (human and bird) got out okay. Prayers will go out to you that you are able to find someplace to stay while construction goes on at your home. Stay calm, if possible.
    2558 days ago
    Omg I feel so bad for you and relieved everyone is okay. I am thankful for the stranger who helped your mom. I will pray for you and your family.
    2558 days ago
    OMG, Deb -- you were all so lucky. Blessings and hopes for a fast return to your home.
    2558 days ago
    First thing I thought of was the birds bc of their lungs.

    Wow you've got a lot of material to work with if your hubby ever criticizes anything you do...

    Here's to a better than ever new home and a fresh new start!

    : )
    2558 days ago
    Very sorry to hear this, but yes, you and your family are lucky. I also survived a fire many years ago. Jumped from 3rd floor window, after throwing my 1 year old son down (no net, someone caught him). I nearly died three times that night. All three of us were saved (my then DH). They thought I'd be paralyzed for life because I landed on my back when I jumped. However, I've never had one bit of back trouble in all these years! A miracle! Will send positive energy your way. Big hug.
    2558 days ago
    Terrifying experience and I am so pleased that you are all okay that is the imptortant thing. I hope you find a place soon until you can get things sorted out.
    2558 days ago
  • MLH148
    I had a house fire on Christmas eve years ago. Fortunately, a local church in our small town had an empty parsonage and let us rent it for the 7 months we were out of the house. Hope you can find some help-- we were overwhelmed by caring friends, neighbors, and strangers.
    Best wishes.
    2558 days ago
    What a frightening experience!! And what a blessing that everyone was able to get out safely! You are all in my prayers, I hope that you are able to find accommodations quickly! emoticon
    2558 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14253479
    OMG! That was a harrowing experience and one that had a lot of good fortune and wonderful people in it.

    You will find a place for certain.

    2558 days ago
    I am so sorry to hear about the fire. When I began to read your blog, I was immediately concerned that you had lost your birds. I am so thankful for you that all of your "family" were safe.
    I pray that you find a temporary home soon.

    2558 days ago
    This breaks my heart, dear friend. I am so thankful to God that your family and pets are family, are all safe. I will be praying for you and I know that you will soon have a temporary home to meet your needs. I will be watching for updates and please know that I care.
    2558 days ago
    So glad you all got out safe. That sounds like it was really frightening.
    2558 days ago
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