My X's are moving............. Whoopee!!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I discovered some fascinating, awesome facts this week as I was going through my closet looking for clothes that would stay up. emoticon I looked and tried and pondered and wondered then I smiled, emoticon laughed emoticon and then did an improvised jig. emoticon

I noticed that my X's have moved....
emoticon All my x's live in ?????? emoticon emoticon emoticon

I no longer have any clothes with a 3x marked on them. Could not find one sweater, pair of pants or skirt with a 3X on them. Gone. They got way too big last year. emoticon

I pinched myself to see if I was really in the real world after I went through my closet again and I couldn't find any labels marked 2X. where oh where have the 2X gone???? emoticon

At this point I was absolutely sure I had died and gone to heaven but then I reckoned if I had I should see a white robe or two in the closet but no, none there.

The third survey of clothes labels and tags showed me I only have a few items left with 1x on them but even more eXciting is the new position of the X on the garment. Many of my clothes now have the X in this position "XL" I haven't seen them placed like that for nearly 20 years.

So yes it's working, the Spark People program. Yes, I'm working... working out that is.

Yes, my X's are moving.... OUT.... OF.....MY..... CLOSET.

Yipee, Whoopee, Hurrarah, whatever.... emoticon emoticon emoticon X's
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