The fabulous "Lot" sisters

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

In a kingdom, far away, lived a girl. She had a quiet, ordinary life by most standards. One day, when she was having a particularly bad day, she became familiar with some characters I like to call the Lot sisters. There is Mona ,who likes to think that her life is more tragic than a Shakespearian play. There is B_tcha Lot, who complains endlessly that "life" is not "fair", and there is Whina Lot, who makes listening to her torture. Instead of becoming fast friends with these people who manage to "suck" the life out of life, the girl decided to seek other companions. She made a life-long friends with a different group of Lot sisters. There was Trya Lot, who always seemed to sleep well after putting her heart into every project. There was Smila Lot, who managed to melt even the coldest day,and last but most important, there was Praya Lot , who discovered that sometimes in life you need help from someone much stronger than yourself! Those truly are fabulous to know! Rock on! Normandy
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