Cat Scan Needle Biopsy DONE!

Monday, November 04, 2013

Interesting procedure. They use the IV drugs that put you in the "twilight state", where the patient is relaxed and "sleepy", able to follow instructions. They went in the back to get to the tumors and they instructed me to take deep breathes or so I was told. Did not remember anything but it was hard to get comfortable on my stomach for them to run me through the cat scan. So glad to have that behind me. Will not get results until Wednesday or Thursday.

I have been looking at cyber surgery for these tumors, still have to do more research and have not discussed it with my Drs. yet. Has anyone have 1st hand knowledge of this type of surgery? Would love to hear what you know.

Thank you all for the prayers and the support you have shown me. It has been such a blessing for me. It is apparent yet again, prayers work!!
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