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Always Nice to know the "why" of things...

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

yesterday evening I was muddling about in a bit of a fog..today I found that the water system

at my house was spurting large amounts of water where it should not be..(tis broke!) Thus

The FOG that my brain was in...right?? ok..trying to make a tee hee out of what is a mess!

But got to remember....

With the many tragedies throughout the world my lil water event is not even a rain drop in the

storm. Inconvenient yes..tragic NO..

I had to go fetch a sump pump to drain the water. Did business with a very pleasant man that

did not do the ole "you are a woman" ..so .." what do you know". That attitude will set me off.

He instead listened to my tale of woe..asked questions to clarify the need & gave suggestions

of possible corrections to be made to the system without using Dear..Honey or even the ole

standby..Sweetheart. I left determined should I need a rental tool of any kind..I know where

I will go to fetch it! Nice experience! emoticon

Then to the issues at hand here...OMG..today was a disaster..I am not even going to track my

food (oh yes I will later)...activity boiled down to driving to town multiple times & getting in &

out of my truck. Tis a big truck..so that could count for something right???ahhh come on!!

Ok..that is a big NO...sigh. Green veggies did not cross my palette today..& I miss them!

emoticon .. emoticon ... emoticon I really wanted.... emoticon

I will make me do my yoga..actually am afraid if I miss that some muscle or another will

seize up on me..the stretching & bending to stay limber works really well but have found

if you miss a day or so..the tensile of the muscle begins to tighten up & does not yield to the

stretch as well..soooo... emoticon ... emoticon ... emoticon I wish there

were a downward facing dog posture..that one is great!

& yeah..since it is right there next to the bed..no excuse..some time on... emoticon

Should sleep good after that session Huh...

Anyone besides me manage to feel guilty if you do not exercise at least a bit??

Tomorrow...will take time to ... emoticon ..for sure he needs it too..is a round lil pup!

so if I am to keep my word & do the above..I need to get with the program..

Hello??? yeah..that works ...right?? ok..nuff..gotta go...

Ciao Chickies & chickie watchers....

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