My Personal 21 Day Bootcamp Challenge Starts Tomorrow!

Sunday, December 01, 2013

I LOVE challenging myself, it helps me on my journey to becoming a healthier person. Experts say that doing something for 21 Days helps to create a habit. All of the things that I've planned to do during my Challenge are things that I do now weekly but I need to do a better job of being CONSISTENT with doing them DAILY! CONSISTENCY is what wins the weight loss race. No matter what plan you choose to follow, if you aren't consistent, it won't work right? So with that said here's what I will start tomorrow for the next 21 Days!

MY PERSONAL 21 DAY Challenge!

*Workouts 6 Days A Week - (AM) Before Breakfast, Gentle 20-30 Minute Workout (Yoga or Pilates), (Mid-Day) More Intense Workout 20-60 Minutes, (Eve) After Dinner, Treadmill/Abs, while watching one of my fav shows 30-60 Mins, depending on how much time I've put in earlier that day. Alternating my workouts between Interval Cardio, Resistance & Flex Training. Day 7, relax meditation.

*A New DVD A DAY - I am addicted to buying & collecting Fitness DVD's...lol! Last count, 215! Of that 215 I find myself pulling out the same 10-12 because I am so fond of them. For the next 21 days I am going to select a new DVD a day and maybe share a review of it in my Blog for the day!

* Water - Drink 96 Ounces Per Day, Filling & Drinking from my container 3's per day.

* Planning - Sunday, plan & prepare for the week (Menu, Workouts, get workout wear ready for the week, ready to grab.

* No eating after 8:00 pm.

* Get in 3 Zumba Classes a week at my gym.

* Have an attitude of GRATITUDE everyday.

* Blog & Log - Log into Spark daily to work on my Spark Points and do one weekly weigh in "Video" Blog weekly and "Write" a Blog several times a week.

*Take my supplements, Multi/Omega/ACV/Green Tea

* No TV in bed, get a good nights sleep. Reading only in bed. TV watching nightly from my treadmill.

* If I bite it, I write it, either on Spark or in my journal.

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