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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

This is probably my first blog...I know that getting healthier and losing weight is my goal.....But it seems like every time I start I get side tracked......I will go for a few weeks and then I will slow down....I have no support in my family!.....I will be 50 my next birthday and I want and need to improve my health. I feel as though I have no support or encouragement...I know I need to do this for myself but a lil encouragement would help...I am on thyroid, bp and diabetes meds......I know that I can do better than this but its just hard doing it alone.....I feel like if I'm doing something to better myself that my family would support it ...but they dont....
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  • TERRY0217
    Support is hard to find out there...friends and family love you, but, just don't seem to help in this area...SparkPeople are a constant source of support and motivation...I've been here almost a year and have made some wonderful friends...Here, we share each other's joys, sorrows, challanges and't be shy...choose a few teams and you'll be on your way!
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    2319 days ago
  • MARUKI52
    There are people here who can help and support you. It sometimes takes a little time to sort out any groups or challenges you want to join but when you do join you will find support in abundance. Just blogging helps to connect with others. We are all here because we want to become healthier so we all have that in common.


    By the way, I'm 70 going on 21 and there are others older than me on SP and we are having a go at becoming healthier! emoticon

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    You are not alone. Spark People is full of support, even if your family is not. Try picking one healthy thing and sticking with it until it becomes a habit. Then add another healthy thing.
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    2319 days ago
    Hey Newbie,

    I, too, have felt alone on this journey and have taken more of an interest in the blogs and members of the challenges that I have joined. We have much in common as I will also be turning 50 next year and need to live a healthier lifestyle. I am now on bp, diabetic, and cholesterol medications and have struggled with my weight since turning 40. I was at my heaviest when joining 3 weeks ago and need to lose 85 pounds.

    I was pretty overwhelmed with the many suggestions offered at this site. I invested in spark coach for the year and this has helped me take the smaller steps I need to take in the beginning and to add in small increments. I hate exercising but can fit in the 10 minutes needed on a daily basis. In 3 weeks I have lost my first 7 pounds and do feel a lot better.

    While I get a lot of verbal support from my family, there is very little change in their diet and I usually eat something completely different than what they have because I really don't know the composition of the dishes. I have not gone out to eat since starting this program and that has helped a lot.

    My sister died at the end of October at the age of 50 which was a huge wake up call to take better care of myself. All I need to do is look at her picture and I am motivated to do what I need to do to stay on my journey of success.

    If you need a buddy - I would be happy to join you on your journey of success. I know you can do is the first day of the rest of your life - live it to the fullest!
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    2319 days ago
    You might just sit down and let them know your needs. I spoke with my (now ex) and kids back when I started this journey years ago and told them I needed their help and support. I am very fortunate that my current husband offers tons of support and the kids are older now and need less "mommy" around all the time and that helps as well.
    2319 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3468195
    We are here for you. emoticon
    2319 days ago
  • PEG2584
    I'm sorry that you are in that position. Everyone needs support in this journey to be healthier. You can get a lot of virtual support from SparkPeople, but I know you need real lite support also. There are any number of reasons why the people closest to us can't or won't offer the support we need. It could be that they just don't know how to support you or what you need. Offering nothing is easier for them. It could be because they are afraid that if you make this lifestyle change you won't be the same anymore or will expect them to change too.

    If you can, sit down with one or two of your closest family members and have a heart-to-heart with them about why you need/want to change your lifestyle to be healthier and how you really need some support from them. They don't have to change their lifestyle, unless they want to, but you need their help to change yours so you can feel better, be healthier and live longer.

    If that doesn't work, get in some exercise by using leg lifts to kick them in the posterior. emoticon

    Also, look for a SP team that is located in your city. They might have activities that you can join. Start a group with people you work with or people in the neighborhood and start walking together or doing other activities that lead to a healthier lifestyle. It is amazing how many people want to get healthy but just need that camaraderie.

    But remember you can always come here for support. We are all here to help each other. Just reach out.
    2319 days ago
    You're not alone because you've come to the right place. Spark People has a great community of people who are extremely supportive and will be there for you whenever you are feeling alone, stressed out, or feeling like you're failing. Don't get me wrong, this is hard stuff losing weight, I've done it once before and then gave up and gained everything back so here I am again. Started back in October and have lost 33 pounds so far. I can suggest what works for me and that is tracking, tracking, tracking, it's what keeps you honest. I plan all three meals each day every Saturday so I know exactly what I will be eating every single day for the entire week ahead. Plan your meals and your snacks and if you deviate from your planned meals make sure you adjust your tracker to reflect those changes and keep it accurate. Track your fitness minutes too, you can walk, ride, run in place, anything you can do to start getting exercise on a daily basis. You'll have days where you don't feel like doing it but push yourself a little and eventually you look forward to getting sweaty. Use the recipes on the Spark Recipes site, they are easy to follow and most of them are excellent, so good your entire family will enjoy them and not know they are eating healthier. Measuring and portion control are very important, if your not accurate then you're fooling yourself and will give up quickly when you're not getting the results you want. This is a big commitment, you should not think of yourself as being on a diet, diets ultimately fail and are short term, you are making a lifestyle change, you've committed to getting healthy and you are doing it for YOU. Once you commit to you I think you'll find it's easier to do and will have greater success.

    It's unfortunate you are not getting support from your family but maybe once they see your dedication to getting healthy they will encourage you to continue so that they will have you around to enjoy for many more years. Chin up, stay strong, and remember there is help and support here for you whenever you need it.
    2319 days ago
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