Pet Scan Report

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Well, I saw the oncologist and the pet scan today. Very interesting, but not real encouraging. Good news it has not spread to any part of my body below my neck, but it is way too close to my airway. Most Drs. he said would not touch me, but he had a cowboy surgeon over in Tampa that took on the most difficult cases and the majority of his patients lived. I asked if there was any other place outside of Florida that he would recommend and he said Florida treated more lung cancers than any other state. This surgeon apparently was the head lung surgeon over at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa (highly thought of center) but has now gone out on his own. He texted both Drs. with my information and said they would call to set appointments. Radiation Dr. office has called and set an appointment for next Monday and I will probably hear from the surgeon's office tomorrow. He still wants me to have a MRI to check out brain.

Today was a real tough day (not because of the Dr. visit) this tumor has been kicking my butt since the weekend. Today was like someone found my energy valve, opened it and drained it dry. I had my son take me today, because I wasn't sure I could have made it by myself and boy did I call that one right.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Sorry I do not have better news. I do want all of you to know I appreciate all the support and prayers that you have given me. It has given me strength to fight this and I am not out yet!! Please continue the prayers! I do have peace of mind because I have put it in God's hands and know he already knows what will be.
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