No Negatives

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Don't talk to yourself in negative terms.
Would you tell your friend who is struggling to build consistency in exercise "You'll never do it." Or would you say to your neighbour "You don't stick to anything you start."

Then why say it to yourself.

Today use phrases that will help and not hurt. Be positive and not negative.

Words to say to yourself....

You've been adding those fitness minutes to your routine. Good for you."

"You've gone three days now with out going over your calorie count."

Just as you would for your best friend,
find words to encourage and not discourage;
build up and not tear down;
cause a smile and not a frown;
foster a sense of accomplishment and not a sense of defeat.

Okay, self, now don't you feel better? Are you going to buckle down and try to keep the momentum going?

Self replies, Yes, thanks for the boost, it's just what I needed today.
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