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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Things I learned today. I have the worst luck and the shortest fuse!!!
I lose things easily, and no matter how organized I try to be, I never am.
I am always under Murphy's Law, if something can go wrong, it will. and if I try to print pics, my ink will run out.
And I think my friend uses me for a wing man.
I get invited to lunch, when she wants flirt with a local worker who comes into the same place to eat.
I think they discuss it and when he is going to be in the area, she wants to meet him for lunch, and uses me as an excuse.
Today, one thing she learned was that I dont have time for her games.
I was in the midst of dealing with these financial problems, which the bank created by their own incompetence, stupidity and laziness.
and she messages me wanting me to meet for lunch.
She didnt respond earlier, when I asked her if she wanted to have lunch with ME.
But she knew just where he was having lunch, because she texted me and asked me if I wanted to go there. not knowing I had just seen his work truck.

I told her to go have lunch with the man because she didnt want or need me there.
and she learned that I am not going to play games like that anymore. She didnt ask me to go out drinking with her tonight as she had said she was going to and its a good thing, because the mood I was in, I might have said something harsh and regretful, but I dont regret showing her that I was onto her nonsense and she needs to get a new excuse.

I also learned that when I let my guard down and begin to believe people around me and my own thoughts, that things will work out for the best and wont be all that bad, that I find out just how wrong I was and how I should have kept my guard up.
I also learned that I am not that good at making buckeyes. or chocolate covered peanut butter balls.
But I made them anyway. and I only ate maybe 2, or 3.

I learned that if I order someone lotion from Victoria's Secret, I shouldnt open it to see how it smells, because I am going to want to keep it for myself.
I also learned that sometimes, when you think a situation or a person or a thought is behind you, it never really is because it will find you and one day you might walk around a corner and see it standing there and what can you do, the town is small and they arent going any farther than you are.
So, you keep on walking, and push that back down on the bottom of your list of things to worry about.

And I learned that just because someone works in a professional job, like for example, in a bank, doesnt mean they have any sense and that they will cut corners and take shortcuts to save themselves a little work and screw with peoples lives and then they will deny that they did anything wrong.
And the customer is the one who ends up having to run here and there to try to get this situation straightened out and hopefully save any future problems.
Never mind the fact that this incompetent persons costly mistake, made 3 people have to go and totally close out their accounts and re-do the whole thing, new account numbers, new pin numbers, contacting every business that does automatic payments, such as your car insurance, etc.
and they sit in their office laughing it up on the phone, and they got the job becasue their uncle was once the mayor of the town.
Yes, i know it sounds crazy, but it is all true and its what you deal with in a small town and you have to deal with people who have no concept of what the situation they created has done to your life.
But, I also learned that I still have to live life and cook and clean house and wrap gifts and try to not go crazy, waiting to see if things are going to go from bad to worse.
And if they do, what can I do.
and one last thing I learned today, I cant walk at the track I love and have walked at for 2 years because the town began doing work, laying water lines and drains and repaving it, weeks and weeks ago, put up yellow tape and left it.
And water is standing on the ground. So, this means, going to the next track, and getting my walk and hoping to do so tomorrow, and be done with Christmas candy making and get my house cleaned up, just in time to start cooking holiday dinner.
and thus went my day.
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    Val, that exact same thing happened to me a couple of months ago with our business bank account. It was a disaster. I was so furious. (Happened at 5pm on a Friday, too.) I thought we had been the victims of an identity thief, but it turned out to be a bank error—they literally gave our account number to someone else. The manager of the online banking department ended up having to input all of my bill pay recipients himself, because I told them if he didn't, I was going to close all our accounts. I guess they liked having us as a customer enough to do it.

    I can't believe this stuff happens, but it does. It's not just you! (My bank was Wells Fargo—sounds like yours was a local bank?)
    2501 days ago
    I hope 2014 will be a better year for you.
    2501 days ago
    I am sorry you are so stressed out. I don't doubt that small towns are hard to live in but city life isn't much different. Incompetent people everywhere are working because they knew someone while the people who would work hard have a tough time finding a job or they get laid off. It's unfair and frustrating. Lots of things are frustrating but there are good things in life too. It's hard to focus on the good when everything seems to be going wrong. I struggle with that too.

    All we can do is try to breathe and keep going. Hopefully 2014 will be a brighter year.

    2501 days ago
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