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That magick moment when you look above the stove & think , oh gross!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

I am a country girl to the bone..I would rather muck a stall or groom a horse, pick hooves & trim hides..paint a barn or any any any chore..outside ..having to do with horses..yep thas me!

Housework..well mmmm. I love a clean house! Yep love it! I do my best & I occassionally have moments of total insanity ..like today..when I go ape on the "clean it" routine!

well that is a bit much...I did dance with Mr V..thru the entire house mind you!!

then I had an engagement with ....

Attacked a couple of rooms seriously...was feeling pretty smug & content...then ...
OH HORRORS! I looked at the cabinets above the stove..do you know how yucky they can get?
Well they did..ahhhhhhhhhhhhh fooey!!! not the words I used by the way!!

I took the ceiling fan blades & globes apart...cleaned them till they shined...but still the siren voice of the cabinets called. I glanced over my shoulder ,,,they were still there !!

So hot water ...soapy suds..elbow grease..why do they call it that?? anyhow..armed with multiple types of "clean it good" products I attacked the cabinets. mmm who knew comet could be used on wood?? it can..with great results! just rinse well then apply sealer to the places where it eats away the finish.. OK I am joking there!!!!

Hours later my kitchen shined..the cabinets look like new.. & I am once again feeling smug & satified with a job well done.

I , in my mind, hear a uh huh...no you're not...so once again I glance over my shoulder & what to my wondering eyes should appear but ...that area no one ever uses..the cabinets over the fridge!! NO...NO....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

They will wait..I will attack them but it will be on another day. For now I will sit back ..put my feet up & sip my cocoa & ignore that lil voice in my mind that munches at my quiet time.
that lil reminder..you didn't finish..you are not done...humph..well for today I am. Ask my shoulders that were requesting a leave of absence..they did not sign up for this kind of abuse!
My thighs got a weeks work out going up & down that ladder to reach the high spots & they are yelling at me to cease & desist with the insanity!

A soaky bath..in by the way an absolutely shining clean tub!! A good nites rest..then perhaps I will consider ..no I won't . I have a date tomorrow with a friend & I am going..the rest can wait.
I have yet to see a self cleaning house or one that just all of a sudden is gleaming..so yep..
it will still be here & I will return in a lovely mood ready to deal with what I must.

Spring Cleaning sounds good right now..yep ..that might just be a date.....ahhhhhhhhhhhh
The saga continues................

Good nite ya'all...see you tomorrow ..I hope!

today I am grateful for ... clean kitchen cabinets!

Count Down....Day 7.....
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