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Saturday, 1/4/14

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Today did not go quite like I had envisioned and it began first thing as I had forgotten to set my alarm so I could get to the grocery store early (translated: before everyone else is there). Instead it was 8:30 and time to have breakfast before heading out. My next "misfire" was not having what I had planned for that meal because I hadn't been to the store yet. Meant I had to replan the entire day's meal plan for myself. The bright side of starting late is I could do all the shopping at one time as the other stores were open by the time I was finished with groceries. Had to buy flour/pasta at the nutrition store and then went to Cacique to buy some underwear as it was on sale (5 for $25). Exciting, huh? LOL

Once home Tim had already dug into working on the two main bathrooms which is where we decided we would begin with our "going to sell the house" deep cleaning. He even enlisted the kids to wash walls and baseboards and you can tell they all did a lot of work. They look great!

I kept getting sucked into other little projects clearing out areas and found things to list on Craigslist and other things to just offer to a thrift store or throw away. There was also a box of framed photos I ran across so I eventually took the pictures out for scanning and got rid of the frames. I cleaned out the drawers that hold my cross-stitch supplies and found I still had so much of my mom's knitting and crocheting stuff and now that all of that is gone I have room to keep my current cross-stitch projects in a drawer instead of out in a tub.

By the time I finally got to a place I could sit down and Spark or do email it was already time to get supper put together. Still made chili and cornbread even though playgroup was cancelled. After supper Maegann needed help locating a photograph and it took us about 30 minutes to find the right disc. By then Tim was helping with the scanning I needed to do and had me trying to figure out some dates on the old family photographs. That morphed me into dragging out all of my mom's photo albums and finding a drawer with more pictures in it. Tomorrow's project! LOL

One thing I did want to do was go through a box of stored clothing to see what was there and I'm glad I made sure that happened as I found two more cold weather tops that I can wear. Much of the box will be a couple sizes from now, but it was fun going through to see what all was there.

I also had Maegann take my monthly weight-loss photograph so thought I'd share the progress. The first photo is when I was just beginning my new protocol on October 15 and the second photo is today's.

Tomorrow.... church, going through photos and then I'm not sure.
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