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Milestone Event of 2013

Monday, January 13, 2014

It's been some time since I wrote a Spark blog.
There have been times I thought about a blog.
The fantastic time I had last July doing an outdoor craft show for the first time in 6 years. It was a great day for me to return to selling my jewelry at a craft fair. One where I had to set up a canopy and tables in a grassy 15 x 15 foot area.
Where I had to unload bins, boxes and create a selling area that showcased my jewelry to attract the passing potential customers.
I had quit doing shows six years earlier due to my health which had deteriorated due to my extreme obesity. It was simply too hard to manage by myself. Being single I didn't have any one to assist me.
To go back to a lovely park on a sunny warm day and do something I love doing and do it without huffy and puffing. Without having to sit after 5 minutes to get my breath. To not feel my heart racing , afraid I would have an heart attack.
To go about setting up and not be sweating profusely, still able to carry a conversation with my neighbor vendor. That was such a joy.
I always have a mirror for customers to see how they look in a piece of jewelry.
I used a smaller self standing one. heaven forbid if I was to catch a glance of myself in a mirror.
Well for this show I had a large 4 x2 foot hanging mirror. I have no issues seeing my image these daysI . No problem wearing pieces of my lovely jewelry. Not ashamed of my fat body, double chins. Since losing weight I realized I have a nice long neck. numerous pieces of jewelry look fantastic.
My craft show on that lovely July Sunday went very well.
I saw people who I hadn't seen in years. Customers who knew me from earlier shows and the Salem Saturday Market.
In fact my good buddy, Jerry, who sold next door at the market was set up across the pathway. That was so nice to be reunited. We had always looked out for each other at the market.
In the back of my mind I wondered if I could tolerate an all day show. Would I get tired, run out of steam?
I was so busy, the day passed fast. Had very little time to sit . Could hardly find time to eat the lunch I had packed.
I know now not to skip eating or to eat the fair type foods.
Before I knew it, the day was over time to pack up. j
Jerry asked if he could help. I told him I had it under control. he said, "well don't want to see you all hot and turning red. Looking like you might pass out.'
I reassured him those days were passed. Since losing weight and working out I had energy to burn.
He said ."Yeah I noticed. You don't look or act at all like the old Tisha. I never realized by losing weight someone could be so different."
I jokingly said, "I hope it's different in a good way."
"Oh yeah, defiantly a good way". Jerry ,smiled and gave me a hug and we promised to see each other at future craft shows.
I was so ecstatic driving home, thinking about how the day went. Then I realized I hadn't done a final money count. I had made some last minute sales and being busy in closing, hadn't totaled the amount for the day.
When I got home, decided to unload the following day. I wanted a shower, wanted to eat and relax. Oh and count how much I made.
I had to count the money twice, thought I miss counted. it was over $900.00.
Amazing for a small local one day show.
So when I counted the profit it turned out to be the best ever for a small one day local craft show in the 12 years I have been selling jewelry.
Every year since I started the journey to turn my life around I have had one outstanding event or happening take place that was a milestone for me.
The first year 2010 that milestone was losing 137 lbs.
In 2011 there were three milestones. Having my knees replaced. One in April, the other in September. Reaching my goal weight of 140 lbs.
In 2012 I had my hands operated on and thumb s reconstructed. I have very crippling arthritis and my hands were getting deformed. Could hardly write my name. making jewelry was almost imposible. This was a milestone for me. I didn't know the doctor could do what he did to give me the mobility I so desperately wanted.
And finally in 2013 I was able to put all my new found abilities to use and return to the craft fair circuit.
I love to create jewelry. Being a artist, working with colors, textures and creating works of beauty, is very fulfilling. Seeing others enjoy what I create is more fulfilling, and rewarding.
I enjoy meeting people, getting out to talk directly to my potential customers. It's better than selling on line.
Now I feel like I can do whatever I choose to do. There are no barriers standing in my way.
I thought about writing this blog earlier, but then maybe it wasn't interesting to anyone but me.
But then I realized it didn't matter. This was an important milestone for me.
This is my life. These happenings are what makes me who I am. It doesn't have to be interesting to anyone else. But it could be inspiring.
I am going to try and blog more often.
Have an issue with uploading photos. My printer/scanner seems not to be communicating well with my PC. the photo wizard is not coming up as it should and I'm not sure how to correct. When I get the photo situation worked out will continue to fashion blog. Have bought some fabulous buys and want to share.
Everyone Peace and Love.
Keep the faith and stay positive.
Ciao, Tisha
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I fell in a big black hole, but have "come back" and checking out your spark page seems like one of the inspirations I needed! I want the "want to" back and the "stick-to-itiveness" back - thank you for your consistency!

    2342 days ago
  • QTEALADY20031
    Tisha, I have been MIA but now I am back. I so enjoy your blogs and your life milestones. You are amazing! I am so glad you had such a profitable craft show and also realized that you can go back to doing what makes you happy! Looking forward to seeing those buys....you always find great ones! emoticon emoticon June
    2548 days ago
    Oh, Tisha!
    I am so glad you did this blog and shared. It is inspirational, motivating and I feel
    So positive when I read what people accomplish, change and do! I believe that I, too, can do it...and we have alot in common with our knees and Challenges!
    You have come so, so far! Outstanding and I am so proud of you!
    Love & Hugs, my Friend!
    2549 days ago
  • PURPLE180
    You are wonderful!
    2549 days ago
    Your words are an inspiration to me today. It is so exciting to see how much you have achieved toward a healthy life and how great the benefit has been to you. Best wishes and hugs to you.
    2555 days ago
    Wonderful blog Tish. Your life is so much like mine. I had quit doing so many things I loved, simply because it had become too physically difficult. I never forget how much I have gained by losing the weight. We got our lives back. Great job at the show--$900. is wonderful! Your jewelry is gorgeous, if I lived in the area, I would sure come see you when you are at a show and probably buy more jewelry than I need!
    2555 days ago
    2013 sounds like a really good year for you. I hope 2014 is at least as good - long may you create.
    2556 days ago
  • IONA72
    Great blog, what progress you have made, long may it continue! emoticon
    2561 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    This year Mom and I will be trying some spring shows again. They were never really profitable for us in the past, but will try it again this year. I love doing craft shows too!
    2562 days ago
    I'm so glad you decided to blog...it definitely was NOT boring. I loved reading about your milestones (especially about all the weight you lost in one year) and then reaching your goal.

    However, the part about doing the jewelry show was the most amazing. Tying all your milestones into one great BIG milestone, that made everything else worthwhile. I'm sure there are a lot of people who wouldn't even have tried the hand/thumb surgery...and would have just given up doing what they loved.

    You are a very inspiring lady Tisha! All I can say is WOW! emoticon
    2562 days ago
    emoticon Loved reading about your success for 2013! Special days!! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to hearing about another one in 2014!! Hugs, Jeannie
    2562 days ago
  • SPEEDY143
    emoticon so proud and happy for YOU Tisha. I know you are living a life that you only wished you could a few years ago because you have worked soooooo hard to reclaim it and deserve to enjoy every moment emoticon

    Your strength and resolve to really LIVE is very inspiring emoticon dear friend emoticon

    Spark On, Linda emoticon
    2562 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    2562 days ago
  • TMW54812
    You are living the dream girl! Made possible by all your effort to adopt and keep a fit and healthy lifestyle. I pray you have many, many more years to enjoy what you have earned.
    2562 days ago
    To me, this is a great NSV. Getting healthy is all about getting back to the lives we want to have. Glad you were able to get back to the craft fair circuit.
    2562 days ago
    Awesome - I'm so very happy for you - finding/doing your passion and feeling sooo good about the freedom that comes with getting healthier. I applaud you! You are one amazing lady! Love, Jackie O
    2562 days ago
    Another great blog Tisha!With all the up's and down's that you had in the prevoius year,you came out a fighter and a winner! emoticon emoticon
    It was a joy to read about the fantastic craft show, and the physical freedom that you now are experiencing again. emoticon The jewelry i have seen on your blogs are unique and beautiful,so no surprise that you ended the day with a good profit! emoticon
    You are an inspiration and proof that if there is a will there is a way!
    Health and happiness to you in 2014!
    2562 days ago
    I loved hearing about the jewelry show. It sounded so rewarding. All of your hard work in every part of your life came together in that one fantastic show.
    2563 days ago
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