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Stick to yer Guns!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Doing yer own thing is easier with age...but.......everywhere you turn, people like to "put their values on you"---
Yesterday at my piano lesson, the teacher asked when Himself and I were going to sell our house, here on the lake-
She suggested it might be easier on me, as if I lived in an apartment as there would be no snow shovelling. I drove home looking in the mirror thinking that I must look REALLY old to her--This is the same person who tried to push her ISAGENIX on me-----maybe this piano woman needs a good punch in the nose---
Perhaps I look like a "pushover" to her--
Perhaps, instead of listening to her ideas, I should be much more aggressive---
After all.....I am only 71!.....a Spring Chick----

I really do love snow shovelling-
Himself and I manage this big house very well-
Perhaps --in fact---I WILL tell her all that---
Lord Love A Duck----One must really stick to their guns!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I agree --- stick to your guns!

    I don't know why younger folks feel it their right (or feel a need to) give older folks suggestions on how to manage their lives. Grrrrrr!!! And a double Grrrrrr!!! when they aren't even blood relatives! emoticon

    Sometimes it is a good idea to put such folks on the defensive by looking them straight in the eye & ask, "Why would you suggest such a thing?" or, even more to the point, "Why do you feel it your business to suggest that?"

    We have some young folks in our life, who seem to think that we need their advise on anything & everything we decide to do. We want to paint a room & they are right there with advise on exactly how it should be done. No accounting for the fact that we have successfully painted many a room in our married life --- and had done so many, many years before the good Lord even sent them to live on planet Earth! emoticon

    Although in our younger years we had the same "advise giving" from an older couple (an aunt & uncle), so I guess, it goes both ways. I just pray that all my sound advice giving isn't taken wrong! emoticon emoticon

    Maybe it is best to do as the duck does with water --- just let unwanted advice roll off ones back --- or more fittingly "in one ear & out the other"!

    God bless!
    2156 days ago
    Goodness, how I love your spunk! And the poster with the pug said it ALL. Yes, she should mind her own flipping business, keep her unsolicited observations and advice to herself, and appreciate the lovely energy in YOU!
    2156 days ago
    I think she should mind her own business. Maybe she is looking for a summer cottage LOL!
    2157 days ago
    In the past 6 months, three different people have randomly asked me if I am going to sell my house and move to a condo...it's the "thing to do" when you get older, they said. I love my house and its surroundings and I am staying! The nerve of some people!!! Really, though, when I can't walk up and down this trilevel house any more, then maybe my DH and I will consider a move but not any time soon. I'm living my life, how about you?
    2157 days ago
    Awesome!! Don't let anyone define you or put you in a box!!! 71 is NOT old!!!! Carry on my friend!!! Hugs!! Shannon
    2157 days ago
    Well, the NERVE!

    Umbrage feels so empowering.

    Emotions expand to fill the space available.

    2157 days ago
    ugh...some people!! emoticon
    2158 days ago
  • EDWARDS1411
    Time to look for a new piano teacher me thinks!
    2158 days ago
    Lynda and IOEINC: My eyes popped out of my head! What the heck! Apartment, nursing home, assisted living!!! GET REAL people (and kids!) PHEW . . . ok . . . vented . . . done . . . why don't I feel better! Sheesh. 60 is the new 40 and yadda, yadda.

    Think I would have told that teacher "Well, perhaps when you take one of those options, you can let us know how it goes." BWAHAHAHAHA!

    Here's to aging gracefully. HUGS
    2158 days ago

    I though you were getting rid of that Piano Teacher before Christmas!
    2158 days ago
  • GABY1948
    I wouldn't take it personal, Lynda. There are SO many people in the world now (the MAJORITY) that open their mouths and let things out before they even think! She might be jealous of your beautiful place there! OR, you might bring it up to her next time and put HER on the defensive...nicely, of course, and ask her just what she meant by that????

    Either way, have a great day and don't let HER remark ruin YOUR day! You are WORTH more than that! You are worth IT, after all! (per ONEKIDSMOM's statement that has finally worked its way into MY head, thankfully)

    2158 days ago
  • RDEE22
    Not only the piano the shovel as well crossways!!!!!! emoticon
    2158 days ago
    LOVE this blog. So tired of being asked, "When are you going to retire?" and "When are you going to sell your house and move into a condo?" and "When are you going to settle down comfortably in God's waiting room?" and "How much longer do you plan to occupy space here anyhow?" . . . and like that (well maybe not the last two, but by implication, right???)
    2158 days ago
    OMG!! I would have told her where to shove her piano!!! LOL!! NO, not really. I think it was rude to ask that but maybe she thinks our generation are like previous generations who seemed to age more quickly. Ha Ha!! She should have met my mother and grandmother. My mom was still shoveling her driveway into her 80s and would not let anyone help her. I wish I had her energy at my age. My grandmother also had a big house and lived there well into her 90s, cooking cleaning and taking her trips with her senior group to Atlantic City (not to gamble but to walk the boardwalk)

    And if it is any consolation, my DD (the oldest married one) has her eyes on putting us in a home or assisted living facility and keeps telling our other two kids how worried she is about us. Give me a break!! My himself will be 62 next week and I will be 61 in March and both of us are still working (and I should say working hard to pay off her student loans) I don't think she realizes that if we retired those loans would become hers!! Hmmmmm....I will have to rethink that one more carefully!! emoticon

    Have a thoroughly great Thursday!!! emoticon

    emoticon emoticon

    2158 days ago
    Funny how people feel free to give a person unasked for advice! You have to live YOUR life! Spark on. emoticon
    2158 days ago
  • CAT609
    Wow, she doesn't seem very nice. Perhaps she means well, but geez you're not pushing a walker! I love the summer picture of the dock. Are we wishful thinking? It sure looks inviting.
    Yes, we had a very small earthquake in Illinois a while back. It barely registered on the scale, so now we have drills! Funny, eh? Keep sticking to your guns!
    2158 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    Or perhaps she was interested in being the next tenant!
    2158 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    Or perhaps she was interested in being the next tenant!
    2158 days ago
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