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My Walk...

Sunday, January 19, 2014

I will be the first to say I would rather be prowling the lochs of Scotland or the green forests of Canada..but this is where I am & this is what I have..which in it's own way is special..so tonite I will share with you the things I see when I go for my walk.

First I head down the driveway I am accompanied by my Black Cat , Mama Kitty . Then the neighbors come over to greet me & get a head rub...this is Saquoia..dark donkey and Lucky..they are donkeys from wild herds that have been rescued by a friend of mine that lived in the Arizona wilderness. They came to him & he gave them home, feed, shelter. Now he rides with the thunderherd in the skies & we tend the gifts he left for us until we join him.

I then turn to the East..up the hill to the first intersection of our very roughed rutted roads...at that intersection there is a deserted farm stead..at times it can be rather spooky but today it seems welcoming as if it wished to share the tales with us that unfortunately we cannot hear.

What stories that ole place might tell if the boards could talk or the fences sing in a language we could understand. There are a couple of other buildings you cannot see & it is all being reclaimed by nature as time passes by.

So we continue on down the road to be surprised by a visit with another neighbor & his dogs..out for their evening stroll. The wolf mix in the lead is my buddy Thumper & he nearly pulled his master over when he caught my scent & realized I was just up on the road from their pasture. We passed a short time in pleasantries then both continued on our way.

Then the sun was rapidly fading behind the mountains. The warmth flows out of the day as quickly as the sun drops behind those blue tinted mountain tops. So I increased my pace trying to return home as rapidly as possible before the darkness enveloped me with chill breezes . My vision showed that the last length of my excursion was approaching & there in front of me was the road home.

So folks I hope you enjoyed our lil walkabout.

I bid you good dreams & peaceful rest..to be followed with positive thoughts to start each day!

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