CAT scan results

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Well, I finally got the results of the lung scan. They saw they same two nodules but they apparently aren't dangerous, (Thank you Lord) They will follow me over a period of three years with CAT scans. If there is no change in that period of time they stop. The tech who did my scan told me they see two or three people a day with nodules and the theory is now that they may be environmental. (That fact is both comforting and alarming to me.) The delay in the results was because the radiologist wanted to see the neck scan which had to be released from the other radiology center.
Surgery is Monday. Today I had to have an EKG and a medical release from the cardiologist. I had a stress test in October which was normal but it was too old to be used for the pre-op testing results. That should be the last hoop!
Like most of the rest of the area we had snow yesterday - twelve inches of it! I am hoping it is done until Tuesday. I don't want to have to battle that as well on the way into the hospital Monday morning!
Many, many thanks for all your support, comments and most of all, your prayers! Prayer is the thread that runs through my life and holds it all together. I'll keep you posted and please remember me in your prayers and we'll see what this lump turns out to be. One of my friends thinks it's probably a collection of dog hair from all the dogs I've loved in my lifetime!
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