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First blog ever/ having a bad day/story and a bit of a rant.

Monday, January 27, 2014

I don't know how I feel about blogging. Will anyone even read these? Does it matter if anyone reads it or is it more for me to get some things off my chest? I'm going to give it a shot, though. We will see how it goes.

I'm pretty frustrated today. As you may have noticed if you read my info, I am a ski instructor, amongst other things. While between lessons yesterday, I decided to follow another more veteran instructor who was leading a freestyle lesson (for those of you who don't know what freestyle is, it's things like jumps, rails, moguls, etc.). He was teaching a boy how to do jumps. Knowing that someday I may be asked to teach someone this skill, I thought why not learn. We started off small and I listened to everything he told us to do. I was successful at my first jump! I was successful at my second jump! My third jump, also successful, had me feeling like I was on cloud 9 since I had learned a new skill. My fourth jump, not so good. Keep in mind these jumps were only about a foot tall, but falling from the sky while going fast, even if only a foot high makes for a really hard crash. I landed on my face and chest, winded myself REAL good. I slid about 20-30 feet down the hill. Totally could not speak but a horrible crying/whimpering sound was coming out of my mouth as I slid. when I finally came to a stop, someone was standing there asking if I were OK and did I need them to get ski patrol. I couldn't even answer. I knew I was hurt but didn't know how bad. a few seconds (felt like minutes) later, I was able to move a little and asked someone to remove my ski (one had come off, the other stayed on). once it was off, I could sit up and then could breathe and speak. I managed to get up and even managed to ski the rest of the way down the hill. Once down, I started checking myself over. I had bruises on my ribs, chest and face and one heck of a sore arm/shoulder (it was tucked up under me while I slid). I didn't panic until I noticed my forehead had begun to swell a bit just above the bridge of my nose (right about where I felt my glasses and goggles cramming into me while sliding). I went to let the ski school know that I needed a break and someone else had offered to take the lesson I was about to teach. The woman running the desk insisted I go see ski patrol (love those guys/gals they do an amazing job out there on the hills). The checked me out, determined I didn't have a concussion (yay helmet!). I did feel better having found out for sure that I was OK. They told me to take the rest of the night off, I was OK with that. as much as everything hurt, I wasn't looking forward to going out and having to pick up kids who couldn't figure out how to get up for the rest of the evening. I was also pleased to hear from the other instructor that I had executed the jump correctly! He thought my ski had caught in a divot in the snow and that is what caused the crash. I was also excited to hear that he called me an "aggressive skier" to me that is a pretty awesome compliment! (I participate in amateur racing and in the racing world, you need to be aggressive) Anyway, so today...OMG I AM SORE!!! I knew I would hurt more today, but wow! My fiancée had to help me wash my hair, couldn't lift my arm high enough. I'm sure I will be fine and will be back out there working next weekend, but the next couple of days might just suck. Ibuprofen and ice are my friend right now. trying to move the sore muscles gently as much as I can stand. don't want everything to freeze up.
Interestingly enough, that isn't even why I am frustrated. Yeah, I'm injured, but I know that everything is alright and I will heal in a few days. what has me so annoyed is that school was cancelled today for the wind chill. Mondays are my time alone day. Mondays I get a lot of work done on the thesis, but not today...the roommate works on campus so since the campus is closed, the roommate is home watching TV. There really isn't anywhere in the house to go for privacy and quiet. The living room is directly above my bedroom and there is no insulation between the floors, so I can hear every word of the TV if I am in there. With my sore shoulder, it is very difficult to get in the car (found that out trying to get in on the way home yesterday...turns out you use your arms for just about everything, LOL), so I'm not going anywhere. So, I'm basically accomplishing nothing today. Nothing except for this blog. I hope you have enjoyed reading this...if I post it.

*sigh* well, I needed to write the details of my injury so my brain could comprehend it...might sound odd, but I had to know what I did, how it happened and why so I could avoid it next time (and don't just say I could avoid it by not doing it. It is important to keep trying new things and to get ourselves out of our comfort zone). I also needed to vent about the roommate.

I was going to apologize for what might be a horrible blog, but is mine. This is how I feel today. Maybe tomorrow it will be something inspiring, who knows...but I have to be allowed to express what I feel each day, even if it is online to strangers.

enjoy your day, allow yourself to feel, don't beat yourself up and just breathe!
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